How Do You Unlock a Miter Saw?

How Do You Unlock a Miter Saw?

When the woodworkers need to travel with their miter saw so they need to lock it for safety measure. Hence these power tools come up with two types of lock that can be easily unlocked. The first lock let you control over the movement of the blade from getting up or down and the other lock let you set the angle while working over the work piece.

So usually the lock comprises of the knob and the pin. Knobs are generally located at the end of the pin and let you release the lock. You can simply push or pull the knob to adjust the lock. Also various models of miter saw comes with the knobs that need to get twist to release or lock the blade of the saw.

When you unlock the blade it lifts up with the guard covers that prevent from injury, makes it safe to get opened up. If the guard does not get raised with the blade then either it is stuck or dirty and needs to get clean to freely move with the blade.

Unlock a Miter Saw

Angle Locks

Two locks are located at the front of miter saw controls the angles. Where as horizontal knurled knob will prevent swivel action of the blade from left-to-right, also the lever underneath the knob locks the pre-set angles. The lever can be located near the knob but the nature of the job remains the same regardless of the position.

You have to twist the knurled knob in order to unlock blade’s left-to-right swivel action. In case you loosen the knob then the miter saw will be unlocked, similarly if you tighten it, then it will be locked. To release the pre-set angle you can press the lever. Since the lever is spring-loaded so apply mild force to it.

The Swivel Lock

Miter saw comes with pre-set angle locks, built-in. While the blade is unlocked by the large knob unlocks, where as the small lever let you lock angles and to adjust the angle for helping you take it anywhere you require. For adjusting the pre-set angles simply depress the lever or you can set the lever at any point for customizing angle cut.

The Bevel Locks

Bevel lock comes up with pin or spring-loaded lever, either twist the pin or push or pull it, even you can press the lever to switch the angle of your choice.

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