The Need for Rooftop Solar Power Plant

The Need for Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Whenever we talk about solar energy, we often end up asking ‘Why do we need solar power?’ There’s no doubt, solar power is the latest renewable energy source. Homeowners across the UK have installed solar panels on their rooftops taking full advantage of solar energy.

Over time an increase in solar power usage has been noted across the globe. Countries like the USA (California) and Germany have already proven solar power can be used as a progressive solar sector for residential areas. This allows homeowners to generate electricity and minimize their bills. In 2018 alone, nearly 16% of Germany’s net electricity usage was from the solar panels installed in the residential areas. California has also made it a mandatory rule to install rooftop solar panels in newly built residential buildings, to increase the use of solar power.

If you are still uncertain about the need, here are some points why solar plants are important.

1- Solar Power Plant is good for the Environment

The most common benefit is, you get a clean and green source of power.

2- Solar Power plant helps in making your home stay off-the-grid

Traditional power relies on natural sources like coal and natural gas. Even though they are natural, on burning they give off harmful gases that are bad for the environment. On-top they are now in limited availability, as they have been misused over the years.

3- Underutilized land can be used

Many countries have vast lands that are very far from the big cities and don’t even have forests covering them. Recently, in the UK a 45-acre solar farm has been built on such land powering 2,500 homes.

4- Solar Power reduces electricity loss

Electricity is transported to your homes by using extensive wire networks. Transmission via long-distance wires often leads to power losses. But, with solar power, the panels are fitted on your rooftop.

5- Improves Grid Security

Solar Power plants are helpful in terms of providing 24×7 electricity. You will not face blackouts even if any natural disaster strikes, as the sun will still be there shining bright as ever. Which, will be beneficial for hospitals in such situations.

6- Solar Power plant shall create jobs and help in the economic growth of the country

You might be wondering how a solar plant can help in the economy of a country. It’s obvious, the more people turn towards solar power, the more demand will increase for solar panel installation companies. Thus, making a path for skilled workers to get jobs, in turn, will help in the growth of the economy as well.

7- Solar Power is Free Source of energy

Industries are perhaps the largest electricity consumers with commercial users coming in second place. The sun’s energy has no limit. You can use it as much as you need and no one can monopolize it either. Once industries and commercial sectors begin to use solar power, the effects will be noticed. Maybe not instantly, but in due time, the improvement in the environment will begin to show.

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