Steps to Troubleshoot McAfee Framework Service Missing Problem?

Steps to Troubleshoot McAfee Framework Service Missing Problem?

McAfee antivirus provides a platform for letting you work on a safely. It gives various features for protecting your online data. Whether you are a home user or business user; provides various plans which give the best protection to every kind of device. But people can some issues while using McAfee antivirus. One of the most common errors regarding McAfee is the McAfee Framework Service Missing error.

Before finding any solution; let’s find out the root causes of this error:

  • Missing .dll file
  • Unregistered .dll file
  • You can also get this error due to incomplete upgrade from an older version of McAfee
  • Missing or empty framework folder can be a cause of this error

Here are the steps for fixing the McAfee Framework Service Missing error:

Restart your service

  1. Go to your start menu
  2. Type compmgmt.msc in the search bar
  3. Hit the enter button
  4. Choose Services and Applications
  5. Go to services and search for McAfee Framework Service
  6. Right click on McAfee Framework Service
  7. A pop-up window will appear
  8. Tap the start button
  9. Now check if the problem is fixed or not, if not then try the next step

Reinstall the CMA

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Click on Programs
  3. Choose McAfee
  4. Go to VirusScan console
  5. Right click on Access Protection button
  6. Select Properties
  7. Choose Standard protection
  8. Disable Prevent modification
  9. Hit the OK button
  10. Open Windows Explorer
  11. Delete FrameworkManifest.xml file
  12. Restart your device

Now re-register the SecureFrameworkFActory3.dll and SecureFrameworkFactory.dll file

  1. Go to your start menu
  2. Open run
  3. Type Explorer
  4. Hit OK button
  5. Go to C:\Program File\McAfee\Common Framework
  6. If you don’t get the .dll file then you have to copy it from a similar location
  7. Go to start
  8. Type CMD
  9. Hit Ok button
  10. Type Regsvr.exe “C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\SecureFrameworkFactory.dll”
  11. Hit Ok button

Now you have to re-register for all Framework and .dll files; by re-registering the framework; this issue usually gets fixed.

  1. Stop McAfee Agent Service and McAfee Framework Service
  2. Go to the start menu
  3. Type Service.msc in the run box
  4. Hit OK button
  5. Right-click on McAfee Agent Service
  6. Hit Stop button
  7. Close Service window
  8. Go to the Start menu
  9. Type cmd in the run box
  10. Hit OK button
  11. Go to the common framework folder
  12. Now re-register the .dll files
  13. Wait for few minutes for completing the process

Restart McAfee Agent Service

  1. Go to start button
  2. Type Service.msc in the run box
  3. Tap OK button
  4. Close the service window
  5. Restart your device

Now, check whether your issue is fixed or not.

McAfee offers numerous features for securing your device which mean any kind of issue in McAfee can cause harm to your device security. McAfee offers a personal firewall which monitors your traffic activities. If the firewall detects any suspicious activity then it blocks the network immediately and protects your network. The anti-spam feature of McAfee auto-detects the malware which hides in emails and tries to steal your private information. McAfee offers SiteAdvisor which is a perfect tool for web-surfing. While using SNSs; we often click on different URLs and ads. Many of them are malicious and can harm our device, but McAfee SiteAdvisor checks the URL before loading it in your browser and alerts you when finding any suspicious activity. Use McAfee for providing a safer environment to your device and data.

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