The Benefits of the OpenCart Store Locator Extension by Knowband

The Benefits of the OpenCart Store Locator Extension by Knowband

So, we will talk about the merits of investing in the OpenCart store locator extension for you. Moreover, we are assuming that you already know what the OpenCart pick-up plugin is all about. However, for those who want to know the working of the plugin, let us understand what it actually does.

What are the OpenCart store locator and pickup extension by Knowband?

The OpenCart store locator module by Knowband allows the admin to offer order pickup. Furthermore, pickup from a physical store that is close to the customer’s location in proximity. In fact, the customers get an option to choose between at-home delivery or pick up from the store. Thus, they can save the delivery charges by opting for in-store pickup.

Hence, this is what the OpenCart store pickup plugin does. Moving further, let us take a look at the perks of the OpenCart extension.

The stunning benefits of the Opencart Google Maps Store Locator extension

  1. With this OpenCart in-store pickup module, businesses can allow customers to pick up their orders in-store. In fact, you too can do that with your customers. Further, there is no compulsion in this. Rather, it is a choice for the customers. Well, even you can choose to enable or disable the functionality.
  2. The Opencart store locator extension by Knowband features Google Maps integration. Further, the admin can simply display the store’s information effortlessly. In fact, he can display information like the store’s name, address, contact details, and more. Therefore, the customers can easily check which store is the best for picking up their order. In fact, the Google Maps API key can be readily generated by the shop administrator.
  3. The OpenCart store pick up extension is used to create a Google map marker from a photo. In addition, the zoom level of the map is also a part of the functionality.
  4. Using the OpenCart Google Maps Store Locator module, the vendor can easily display the distance between the store and the customer’s location. In fact, he can exhibit the distance in kilometers or miles.
  5. Using the OpenCart store pick up plugin, the business owner can specify which stores should appear on the Google map. In addition, the administrator can choose the standard storage location.
  6. The Opencart Google Maps Store Locator plugin allows the admin to show a “Get Directions” link. Further, users can verify the route to the company by clicking on this link.
  7. You can use the OpenCart store locator extension to add a site Url to your store’s Google Maps geolocation. In fact, shoppers can also look at the URL of the website and other store details.
  8. The shop manager can display the store image in the shop column of the store locator block. In the OpenCart store locator plugin, you can enable or disable the option to show or hide the store picture.
  9. While setting up the store pickup functionality, the OpenCart store pickup extension allows the store admin to specify national boundaries.

Benefits for customers

  • Relevant data about the shop

The shop finder allows internet consumers to browse actual stores. Customers can also see information about the shop as well as a photograph of the store.

  • It’s simple to locate the closest or neighbouring shop 

Users can utilize the website to locate the nearest physical shop and choose one for in-store pickup.

  • Picking up products more quickly

Customers who choose an in-store pick-up option will receive their order sooner. As a result, they won’t have to wait for the order to be delivered. Customers can conveniently pick up their orders from actual locations.

  • Various methods for locating the closest available shop

Shoppers can search for the nearest shop by providing their address or the distance in kilometres or miles.

  • There are no shipping costs

Shoppers can pick up their orders in person and save on paying for delivery. Customers are not required to pay for shipping.

In the End

The OpenCart store locator and pickup extension is a must if you want to save yourself from paying the shipping fee. In fact, it is a great tool for providing a great shopping experience to your customers as well. Thus, invest in the extension now.

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