The Most Popular Prestashop Modules for Discounts and Promotions

The Most Popular Prestashop Modules for Discounts and Promotions

Every eCommerce shop has its highs and lows, and it’s important to know what to expect. However, discounts and promotions have now become an important component of eCommerce websites. Further, special offers have become a powerful tool for driving sales. No wonder these popular Prestashop modules have come a long way. With generous discounts, you know that your clients are saving money. However, it is beneficial for you too. Further, in the long run, you’re building a long-term connection. In fact, you are building customer loyalty toward your business. Thus, say hello to increased revenues and brand loyalty as well as improved reputation.

This blog talks about the trending Prestashop modules by Knowband that prove beneficial to the customers and your business. In fact, these trending Prestashop modules are easy to manage and are really helpful. Let us now take a look at these trending Prestashop modules by Knowband below.

Prestashop Gift Card Manager Addon

You can sell gift cards in your eCommerce store with the PrestaShop Send Gift Card addon from Knowband. As a result of this addon, you may provide personalized gift cards to your clients. Moreover, give them a better purchasing experience. It is possible to improve your earnings and attract new clients to your online business by using the PrestaShop Gift module. Using the PrestaShop Gift Voucher module to sell gift cards also allows you to advertise your business. In fact, without having to spend any more money on advertising.

Prestashop Scratch Coupon Addon

The Prestashop Scratch Coupon pop up addon is among the trending Prestashop modules that help customer engagement on the website. How? By encouraging them to interact with the content on the site. As a scratch coupon, the Prestashop module forces consumers to scratch the coupon code with their mouse cursor. Moreover, give their email id when the discount is disclosed. The subscriber list continues to grow with the help of this Prestashop email subscriber with MailChimp integrator. In addition, the responsive layout delivers a unique experience for consumers. In fact, the admin can change the discount and configure it the way he wants to.

Why is the Prestashop Marketplace Addon necessary?

Prestashop Price Alert Addon

The Prestashop price drop reminder module is ideal for increasing consumer interaction in the business. As a result of the Prestashop price watch module, the client may set up a price alert for a certain product on the store that they prefer. An email is sent to the person when the product’s price drops during a sale. An additional promo code may be included in this email to ensure that the buyer purchases the goods from the retailer.

Prestashop Exit Popup Addon

An interactive option – the Prestashop Exit Intent pop up addon appears when a client or visitor is about to leave the website. In addition, the administrator can include a promo code that encourages the user to return and possibly convert. According to the goals of the Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon, the bounce rate and cart abandonment may be reduced with this. In fact, it helps increase the revenues by making the layout appealing to clients.

In the End

Finally, these are the trending Prestashop modules that you need for offering discounts to your customers. In fact, they are the best at promoting your products and business as well. What do you think? Which of these trending Prestashop modules by Knowband would you be interested in?

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