Top 6 Tech Blogs That Will Boost Your Knowledge

Top 6 Tech Blogs That Will Boost Your Knowledge

These days’ people are very much fond of learning about new technical things and their aspects. In simple words, in the modern times of 2019, technology blogs are the most viewed blogs in the world. If you are also a technology lover, then read our article carefully. This article will help you in knowing about all the top tech blogs India. Let’s get started.


Tech Crunch is one of the best blogs that can be viewed by people to boost their knowledge up. Tech Crunch is a blog that provides you all the necessary information about tech events, latest technical things and many more. If you are a person who loves to know about such things, then you can stay updates to this blog always. You can download it also for never missing an update.


Fast company is a leading and progressive business media blog that provides you all the necessary information. Therefore, this is a blog that usually focuses on the innovation of technology, leadership, and design. The best part of this blog is that you will get to know about all the latest electronic launches in the market. So, get tuned with this blog, if you want to get regular updates on the latest launches in the market.


Future with Tech is a perfect blog that will meet the demands of people. This is a blog having simple and informative articles, everyone will get to know things in detail from this blog. So, if you are a technology lover, then go and stay tuned with blog. This blog will help you a lot in knowing each and every aspect related to technology. Therefore, is considered the top tech blogs in India.


The next web (TNW) is again one of the best blogs that you can use for getting the latest updates regarding tech. Therefore, this is the largest Canadian resource covering all the aspects related to business, technology and Web. According to a survey, TNW is quickly going to turn into a very popular blog because this blog brings insight and meaning to the world of technology. Go and check this blog to know if is fulfilling your demands of articles or not.


This is again an amazing and best tech blogs in India that focuses on everything related to Usability and User Experience. Usability Geek is a scientific approach that helps you to guesswork out of the next design project. Therefore, this is a blog that helps you in every way. If you are looking to build an app, website or something else then this a great place for you to learn about. Go and refer to this blog to get all the aspects related to tech.


If you are a tech-savvy friend or a tech lover, then Gizmodo is the app going to be shortlisted. This is a blog having tons of relevant posts related to the Digital world. From the product reviews, we have found that this is the perfect blog having entertainment news also. Therefore, is rated the best because of all this.

These are the best technology blogs India that you can refer to boost your knowledge up. So, go and check the blogs and stay tuned to the one that suits your demand.

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