Why You Should Call a Professional Company For Your TV Aerial Installation London & Hertfordshire

Why You Should Call a Professional Company For Your TV Aerial Installation London & Hertfordshire

People think that TV aerial installation is simple, but it is not. There are several risks involved in this process. Single mistake from you aerial fitters will keep you away from that perfect picture quality and the access to all the channels on your TV.

Though many people in London and Hertfordshire consider TV aerial installation as a DIY project. Hiring a local expert for TV aerial installation is the right thing to do.

TV Aerial Installation London

You may install the antenna on your own, but can you guarantee the best and most efficient service? If not, then why should you take chances? Call local aerial installers London who have the correct insurance and equipment, pro tip is to look for companies that offer work guarantee like we do.

With that said, here we will discuss the top 3 reasons for hiring a professional for TV aerial installation London at your home.


1. Professionalism

2. Warranty

3. Risks

4. Equipment

5. Time

6. Costs

7. Support

1) Professionalism: You can find many aerial fitters London who have been performing their jobs with professionalism and efficiency for several years. They are well-known for their dedication, reliability and professional approach. These trained experts have the right skill and knowledge that are required for this safe and flawless TV aerial installation. They can inspect your property and then find out the best place for installing the antenna so that it can receive the signals well. They know all the technical details and ensure you about the safe and fast installation of the antenna.

2) Warranty: Established company will include year guarantee after they have carried out a new TV aerial installation. The warrant will typically cover equipment installed and call backs for your TV repair Hertfordshire if needed.

3) Risks: The risk of TV aerial installation is very serious especially if you are installing an aerial on rooftops. Heights on average can be between 25ft — 40ft falling from this height can be fatal. Other risks include electric shock from equipment and damage to property if skill level is not up to industry standards.

4) Equipment: TV aerial installation equipment will cost thousands. Meters alone can total over a £1,000 and they are essential for perfect TV signal. Then you have ladders, roof ladders, cable, connections, TV aerials, brackets, poles, splitters, amps and so on.

5) Time: Professional Aerial & Satellite companies have a vast knowledge of TV aerial installation job. These people know the ins and outs of aerials and their different parts. This is the job they are doing every day. Hence, they do not need much time to install it at your house. However when you try to install it on your own, mistakes can be made, which can be a costly matter for you. Therefore, hiring an expert will save you time and money as well.

6) Costs: We have briefly discussed the cost of equipment and mistakes that you may make, compare these costs with a TV aerial installation in London or Hertfordshire the price will be surprisingly cheap and well worth it. Aerials can last for 20 plus years that will be a great investment for your home.

7) Support: Having a local company to be on hand if ever needed or perhaps phone support is vital for some customers and is why you should enquiry about support before you choose your aerial installers.


Call your local TV aerial installation company for professional aerial fitters to supply your home with the best possible signal and fear not with companies offering warranty as you will be in good hands. Remember to check reviews beforehand. At AV Infusion we offer 1 year warrant, on call support, after care, fully insured, five star reviews on multiple platforms for TV aerial installation Hertfordshire & London.

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