Want To Take Your Coupon Game to The Next Level? Choose OpenCart Spin and Win Extension

Want To Take Your Coupon Game to The Next Level? Choose OpenCart Spin and Win Extension

Do you want to reinvent the process of offering discounts on your website? Well, customers can find it really amazing when you offer discounts in the most stunning ways. Therefore, that’s when the OpenCart Spin and Win Extension by Knowband comes into the picture. The Opencart Interactive pop up Extension allows the admin to exhibit a colorful spin wheel game on the front end for the visitors and customers. Furthermore, they can spin the wheel in return for attractive discounts.

There was a time when customers were pleased to get even a small 10% discount coupon. However, times have changed and so have the customers. Thus, you should be careful of planning the discount coupons. Moreover, you can easily do that using the Opencart subscription pop up Extension. You can provide the coupon code for any discount that you want. In fact, you can even offer free shipping on the front end. Additionally, if you want, you can display ‘Better Luck Next Time’ as well. Thus, you can do all this using the Opencart Responsive pop up Extension. Furthermore, when you offer such discount coupons to the customers, you motivate them to shop. In addition, you can make them loyal customers in doing so. Hence, the Subscription pop up Extension by Knowband is a useful option.

This blog talks about the benefits of the Email Subscription pop up Extension by Knowband. Let us go forth and check them out.

Perks of the Opencart Spin and Win Extension

  1. The Opencart Spin and Win Extension is a fun way to keep clients interested. In fact, when they simply have to offer their email address to get stunning discount coupons. Thus, the visitors convert without any fuss. Moreover, the customers also love to engage with the store without being forced.
  2. Customers get the impression of winning big with the gamified UI of the Opencart Spin and Win pop up. Furthermore, when the spin wheel stops and the prize displays, all the fireworks make it all grand. Therefore, the customer feels prestigious about winning in the store.
  3. The Opencart Entry Pop up makes it simple to avoid email IDs being repeated. Furthermore, when a customer tries to use the same email address twice to spin the wheel, the admin can stop it. In fact, he can avoid doing so as well. Further, he can do it from the backend of the Opencart Exit Intent Pop up.
  4. The Opencart Email Subscription pop up Extension’s built-in email integrator syncs the customer’s data. Further, to the MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Klaviyo accounts.
  5. The Spin Wheel Extension is a fun approach to increase website subscriptions. In fact, with the help of the plugin, the admin can simply use the accumulated email IDs for marketing purposes. Further, the Opencart Newsletter Subscription popup Extension effortlessly increases the number of subscribers.
  6. Customers feel the motivation to finish transactions. How? By the incentives and discounts provided by the Opencart Exit Pop up Extension. In fact, they love to come back after a good shopping experience.
  7. The Opencart Spin and Win Extension encourage the store visitors to return to the website. In fact, you can say that the process makes the customers loyal to the website. How? By encouraging them to engage with the store.
  8. The Opencart Entry Pop up’s fully configurable interface makes the setting effortless. In addition, the configuration of the Spin Wheel Extension is very straightforward.
  9. The OpenCart Exit popup module provides the admin with a full range of display options, including device adaptability.
  10. Buyers can receive promo coupons by email from the administrator. Further, the Opencart Spin and Win Extension has a customizable email template.

In the End

Thus, these are the benefits of the Opencart Spin and Win Extension by Knowband. In addition to these, there are multiple configurable features as well. Further, do you want to know more about it? Let us know at support@knowband.com.

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