What is the Prestashop Gift Card Manager Module all About?

What is the Prestashop Gift Card Manager Module all About?
Selling gift cards is one of the most functional ways to bring in more sales and revenues. In fact, now, when the holiday season is in full swing, digital gift cards are popular more than ever. Thus, investing in the Prestashop Gift Card Manager Module is one of the most beneficial options. Further, in case you want to grow your eCommerce business, offering gifts cards through Prestashop send gift card addon is a wise idea.
Thus, you can choose Knowband for buying the Prestashop gift module for the expertise that the company offers. In addition, there’s a lot more than that Knowband brings to the table when you shop from the store. Hence, the Prestashop Gift Card Manager Module by Knowband is a must-have. This blog talks about everything that helps you have a better understanding of the plugin. For instance, the features and the benefits of the Prestashop gift voucher module.

Features of the Prestashop gift card module by Knowband

1. The Gift Card section placement

With the help of the Prestashop gift card Addon, the admin can place the gift card section anywhere on the website. For instance, the options include the header, left link, and the footer section.

2. Easy creation of different kinds of Gift Cards

Your clients can create gift cards for their loved ones with the Prestashop Gift Card. Further, which allows them to add a snappy title and a unique message.

3. Gift Card for various occasions

The Prestashop Gift Card includes a large number of gift card designs for a variety of occasions. In addition, for holidays as well. For instance, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Get Well Soon, Birthday, and more.

4. The ease of use of the Prestashop gift card manager

The Prestashop send gift card addon is simple to use and set up. Moreover, it can be quickly deployed, active, or disabled from the backend.

5. The admin can track all the stats of the Prestashop gift module

The online retailers can examine and check all orders received through gift cards in the backend.

6. GDPR compatibility

Knowband’s Prestashop gift voucher module is GDPR compatible.

7. Customized Email Templates

The email templates in the Prestashop gift card module are informative and well-designed. These tailored templates will save admin time and effort. A gift card purchaser will get an email, and the recipient will receive an email with a personalized note.

8. Add a catchy title and a message that is unique to you on the Gift Card

The gift card template can be given a catchy title using Prestashop gift card Addon. 

9. NEW: The validity and expiry of the Gift Card

The admin can use the Prestashop gift card to create a new gift card product. Furthermore, he can add a specified number and validity of the card. Thus, the recipient can use the gift card for a limited period.

10. Functionality of Cron

Customers will find it appealing because they can mail the gift card on the day of the event. Cron enables the Prestashop store administrator to schedule the email’s delivery.

11. Order inventory

The store’s admin can keep track of orders that have been received and dispatched.

Advantages of the Prestashop gift card manager by Knowband

  1. Customers’ purchasing experiences can be enhanced by giving gift cards with personalized photos and inscriptions, thanks to the addon.
  2. Merchants can offer gift cards and increase their holiday sales with the Knowband’s Prestashop Send Gift Card extension.
  3. The addition not only assists merchants in increasing sales but also draws new customers to the online business while keeping current ones.
  4. With the Prestashop Gift module, online businesses can quickly expand their brand reach to thousands of consumers. Further, without spending additional money on advertising by selling gift cards.
  5. The Prestashop Gift Voucher module from Knowband gives your consumers better shopping experiences. Moreover, encourages them to stay longer at your web store.

In the End

Thus, this is all about the Prestashop gift card manager by Knowband. If you still have any doubts, you can contact us at support@knowband.com.

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