Why Should You Choose a 3D Virtual Event Platform?

Why Should You Choose a 3D Virtual Event Platform?

Things were working fine before the onset of the pandemic. Things were working the way they should, and physical events were still the only option to host events. However, in 2020, a significant shift happened in our lives. Like many other changes taking place, one was hosting events over the internet. Now, that was something never tried before, but with only one option left, organizers worldwide shifted everything on the internet, and surprisingly, people started finding them attractive. However, several virtual platforms were not that effective, but it was when 3D virtual platforms came into the picture. This blog will discuss why 3D virtual events are a better option and why you should organize one. 

Regular web events are suitable for many kinds of events, such as webinars. They have a presenter who delivers information to the audience at these events. Though they have a few interactive features, they are not that effective. 

However, when it comes to 3D virtual platforms, they are made up of different interactive spaces. These platforms mimic a real-life venue that attracts the audience and engages them. Typically, an immersive 3D event platform consists of elements like a keynote area, breakout rooms, networking lounges, sponsors’ booths, and a lot more. 

Let us go through this Guide on Hybrid Event & Virtual Event  that describes why the organizers should choose a 3D Virtual Event Platform Over a Regular One:

3D Virtual Events Help You Record the Event

The objective of hosting a physical event has always revolved around delivering the content. However, things have changed in due course of time. Virtual events allow the attendees to explore many activities and features other than listening to the content. The 3D virtual events will enable the audience to go and explore the features they want to explore, just like a physical event.

One more advantage of such events is that one can record the session so that the attendees can go through the features of the event even after its completion. This is something that you can never do in case of physical events. But, 3D virtual events can allow you to showcase the event to the audience beyond the event hours. By recording the virtual event, you can present it to a broader audience; it will help expand your brand recognition and awareness. 

They Enhance Your Brand Reach

Yes, virtual events are more advantageous and take less time to set up than an in-person event, but that doesn’t mean they require less brainstorming or effort. Where one spends extra time and money on a physical event, web events actually demand the same kind of planning to be prepared. However, the organizers tend to ignore this fact. It has always been advised not to neglect the web version of events; they are a great source of getting you more ROI.

Since virtual events are on a boom these days, the organizers and graphic designers are putting in extra effort to make the event unique. It is so because people tend to remember an out-of-the-box factor. You can also include 3D virtual venues such as islands or a famous auditorium for your event as an organizer. Remember, you organize the event not for yourself but your audience. Hence, always keep their interest in mind. To make an event experience unforgettable, all you need to have is an out of the box idea, a talented team by your side and some immersive content. 

3D Virtual Events Promote Effective Communication

While you may have noticed, in a regular web event, the communication between two attendees becomes challenging unless they use the chat option, which is again not that effective. Now that networking is the critical factor for people attending events, there is no point if the event is not letting you do that. But with 3D virtual events, the attendees get to communicate with each other through live chats based on interest, one-on-one communication, and 3D product demonstrations.

They Deliver the Content Efficiently

It is very well known that physical events have always been more effective than their web counterparts when it comes to delivering the content effectively. However, the 3D virtual venues are here to prove you wrong. One can include several gamification features in the event to make sure the learning becomes quicker and more effective than ever. The attendees can play games regarding the subject of your webinar. For every correct answer, they get a few points that can be redeemed after the session and win points. It won’t only add value to the attendees’ overall experience but also leave an everlasting impression of your brand on them. 

They Provide Live Event Analytics

In case of a physical event, it is nearly impossible to get the event analytics by the end of the event. However, this is not the case of 3D virtual events. 3D virtual events are designed in such a way that they help you get the insights of the attendees’ activities during the event. One can keep a check on all the checkpoints, clicks, time spent at a feature and many more other factors. This incredible feature lets you get detailed information about all the features, activities and kind of content your attendees are interested in. With real-time analytics, you can measure the success of your event, and strategize your future events in a better way. 

They Let You Work With Experts

Hosting a virtual event using platforms like zoom and other regular event platforms is not a difficult task. However, when you decide to get aboard with a  3D virtual event platform, you get to work with creative minds. To think of incorporating something unique demands you to brainstorm and get out of your comfort. Always remember, doing something out of the league will help you get some amazing results; it is as simple as that. Also, you should know that putting together something as different as a 3D virtual event requires you to work with professionals such as professional coders, designers, planners and more.

Now that the organizers have started to host virtual events, they are going to last longer than we can think. It is due to the fact that they have innumerable advantages they come with. However, you need to have an efficient virtual platform to ensure you deliver an engaging event experience.

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