11 Tips To Enjoy A Buggy Tour 2020 Update

11 Tips To Enjoy A Buggy Tour 2020 Update

Planning a buggy tour in Dubai during your gateway from 2019 to 2020? Trust me, there’s no better option. Dubai encounters one of the best New Year celebrations and you can have fun in every moment spent. However, lightings and celebrations are not the only things you will get to enjoy there. I was recently in Dubai and had some really fun moments while being on an extreme dune buggy Dubai. Here, I have mentioned 11 tips for you to enjoy a buggy safari at its optimum:

Make An Online Booking

Make it a rule. Whenever you visit a new city or country, prefer looking for anything you want online. Doing so, you can things easily and save a lot of time. You are there for a trip and every second matters! Why would you waste time in finding a dune buggy rental Dubai offline when you can easily find it online?

extreme dune buggy Dubai

Don’t Forget To Compare Different Packages

Searching online helps you with a lot more things than just saving time. You get a lot of companies on your screen. Now, I would personally advice you to look for all the available packages and compare their prices. Also, don’t forget to check Google reviews in order to crack the best deal. Find the one that suits you and pick an off road dune buggy Dubai.

Avoid Going Out Of Budget

Another important thing to remember is your budget. Going out of budget may invite stress and ruin the whole affair. You can easily get a dune buggy for sale in your budget if you try. Remember that!

Pick A Sunrise Safari For Splendid Thrills

You must have heard the energizing effects of sunrise. Add desert to it and rest you can imagine! Sunrise is a proven natural therapy and when combined with adventure it makes a perfect time to venture the majestic desert!

Reach Early At The Desert Locale

The best thing you can do before a ride is to reach at the venue on time. Consider reaching 15-20 minutes before so that you can have enough time to relax. Be comfortable with the idea of ride and then only step in!

Try Some Photography

You can and you should! Be in the moment but also try to create some pictures and videos for later. Desert buggy adventures offer enough backdrops to the ones who want to hone their photography skills. So, just pick the camera and start capturing the moments in between the ride.

Don’t Miss Dune Bashing

You are in Dubai and not bashing dunes; it is actually the worst ever thing one can do! Being at peace never means to make life boring. You are there for an escape, we agree. But won’t you like to give a kick-start to your 2020?

Wear Proper Clothes

Keeping yourself covered is always going to help. Dubai has a dress code for men and women. Apart from that, full sleeves will keep your protected from harsh sun and sand. I would suggest you to wrap yourself in the attires in pastel shades so that they don’t look dirty in pictures!

Rely On Mineral Water

“Water is life,” they say. Follow that formula if you don’t want to go through serious dehydration issues on your vacation. Bring enough bottles with you on the ride and keep drinking water on a regular interval in order to keep yourself hydrated throughout.

Pose With A Falcon

You must have seen people carrying falcons on their wrists. This is one of the best fun things you can do in the Arabian Desert. Try finding a falcon; you guide can assist you the same. Click a picture posing with it, publish it on your twitter handle and amaze your friends.

Taste Local Food

Can a trip be useful if you didn’t experience the local taste? Ask yourself. The answer will most probably be negative. So now, as you have got the answer, make sure to try a few local cuisines on your Dubai trip. Arabic food is delicious enough; you can trust me on this!

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