5 Must-Visit Places in Madrid for First Time Visitors

5 Must-Visit Places in Madrid for First Time Visitors

Planning to spend a lovely evening in the glittery nightlife of Madrid? Or are your kids insisting on you for an amazing trip to Spain? Madrid takes care of all your needs and desires. Take some free time to think about a beautiful journey that will give you some delightful moments.

If you are going to visit Madrid, live in its surroundings completely, feel its busy air, expensive night shows, with a bag full of hard rock musical experiences. Madrid is never out of these outstanding events.

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Prado Museum

Brilliant royal artworks, lighting up the alley of the Prado, are kept as display pieces!! Get some memorable dips in the color palette of this wonderful art museum.

This world-class museum holds more than 8,000 paintings and 700 sculptures. It also includes world-known sculpture and noted paintings, nearly equaling the charms of collections kept in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Skip yourself to the most interesting galleries there and admire historical works by renowned artists like José de Ribera, Goya, El Greco, to name a few.

Royal Palace and Garden

The Palacio Real or the Royal Palace gives an unforgettable glimpse to visitors. The huge Grandeur will fill a kind of adrenaline-gushed feelings in visitors.

This outstanding neoclassical structure is covered with admirable works of some famous artists of that era, like Rubens, El Greco, and Caravaggio, etc. Just at the entry of its wonderfully crafted building, you get encountered with its marvelous interior decor.

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Plaza Mayor

A top-class visitors’ destination, the 17th century built Plaza Mayor is here in Madrid!!! Stroll around its wide windy galleries, shop around, take snaps, and consider coming here once again.

This historic spot was constructed for special royal ceremonies like the proclamation of a new king, and canonization of saints.

As we all are well aware that life is one, so why not live to our best? The magnetic structure is waiting for you folks!! Know its history, dine at atmospheric restaurants, and stroll around its wide pedestrian area.

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Puerta del Sol

Popularly known as the heart of the city by locals, the Puerta del Sol has got its name after the sun emblem on the old city gate. The historic square has deep routes with horrendous events, that shaped Spanish history.

Today it is an exciting spot to hang out with friends or chill around the streets. The square, lined with shops and cafes, makes it the liveliest place in Madrid.

Reina Sofia Museum

The third corner of the Madrid art triangle along with the Prado and Thyssen Bornemisza museum, the Reina Sofia museum has an amazing collection of magnificent paintworks in its glowing galleries. Colored artistry by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, and Alexander Calder shows its unending splendor.

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