7 Tips For Safe Fishing During Covid-19 Pandemic

7 Tips For Safe Fishing During Covid-19 Pandemic

You will hardly find someone who doesn’t enjoy being on a boat. And if there are activities available, the fun becomes double. If you are planning a trip to Dubai in the coming days, you must read this blog and make the most out of it.

Dubai must have been in your list for a long time. And finally, as the world is all set to live the new normal, you can turn this dream into reality. There are a lot of things in Dubai that you can enjoy while following social distancing. You can go for a buggy ride or try fishing in Dubai. For this, you first need to check whether boats are available. Don’t worry, you can easily get one and enjoy fishing trips in Dubai

Covid-19 was declared a pandemic long back by the World Health Organization. Till date, there is no vaccine or cure available for the disease. If you are concerned about your safety, this blog will help you with that. You can use the below tips for safe fishing during this time of pandemic:

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#1 Pack Your Bags In Advance

The first thing to be done is packing everything you may need on your fishing trip. Doing this ahead of time will help you avoid going to a store and face crowd unnecessarily. There is nothing more exciting than a Dubai fishing trip but not being prepared can land you in trouble. So, make sure you have packed everything in advance.

#2 Book A Boat Online

This is something all of us do while heading to a new place. It is important as well, looking at the current scenario. You can easily find lavish fishing boats in Dubai online for reasonable prices. So, why would you consider doing it offline? It is so damn risky, isn’t it?

#3 Carry Your Hand Sanitizer

The world is open and we are coming back to the life we used to live. However, it never means you can take the virus for granted. No cure has been found yet, you must remember that. Not keeping that fact in mind may invite the disease and ruin your trip. Carry your hand sanitizer and keep using it. Though all the boat rental companies follow standard guidelines for sanitization, you never know what the last tourist has left on the surface.

#4 Limit The People You Travel With

You must have been chilling with your friends and colleagues in the past. But that’s your past now. Do you remember that? Yes? Cool! You must keep that in mind. You must bring only your family members, or the people you are currently living with. Don’t invite your friends or other people whom you haven’t interacted with in a while. Social distancing is important!

#5 Don’t Share Products

You should avoid sharing products like sunscreen, suntan protection lotions, or other personal care products. Each of the members in the group must carry their own products on fishing charters Dubai to avoid unnecessary interactions. Doing so, you will feel safer and lighter.

#6 Avoid Catching Up With Other Tourists

Foreign trips are always exciting. It is a human tendency to explore anything new we come across. We love meeting new people, having conversations, and knowing more about their cultures. But, you should ditch this habit for now. Doing this used to be cool but not anymore. You will just be increasing the chances of getting infected; so don’t do this, please.

#7 Take Shower Right After Reaching Your Hotel

Fishing boats in Dubai host hundreds of people in a single day. Now, you know what it means. More people simply means more chances of getting the virus. You can keep sanitizing your hands, avoid touching your face, and stop the virus from entering your body. Additionally, you should take a bath right after reaching your hotel, wash the clothes, and ask your hotel staff to sanitize your hotel room.

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