An Account On The Over Fished Gulf

An Account On The Over Fished Gulf

The Gulf that is located in the west Asian side of the World Map is famous as Arabian Gulf or Persian Gulf. The deepest point in the waters of gulf is ninety meters. There is Strait of Hormuz which is famous route for the supply of the 40 percent of the demand of the crude oil of the world.

There are the famous beaches, ports and fisheries etc. the countries located within the region are well known for the open water fishing sports and excursions, and besides it the fishing sports lover can even hire fishing charters for the famous fishing trips in Dubai.

The rise in the population has put across the challenges in terms of the sea food demand in the countries like Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iran. The other challenges in these countries are geographical, political and institutional. The Dubai fishing trip

The scarcity

The region is getting over crowded due the growing population, which has surged the demand of the sea food, and this has resulted not only in the depletion but the extinction of some species in the wild sea food stock. The countries in the region are now getting depended upon the imported seas food and the idea of fish farming in order to cope with surging demand.

Depletion to extinction

 The over fishing, scarcity of fresh water and warm ocean has resulted the fish population to the brink of not only depletion but extinction of the fish species, the species like Hamour, Sheri, spotted reef cod etc. have gone extinct from the waters of the region, while two hundred species are at the brink of the extinction.

The fishing ban has been imposed on the deep seas fishing, but not for the fishing trips in Dubai, because the hired fishing charters Dubai are allowed to the access the reserved water areas for fishing excursions. To protect the aquatic bio diversity these bans are imposed on the fishermen who are exploiting the aquatic habitat of the fishes.

The regional governments are also taking the certain measures to educate the fishermen, so the oblivious exploitation may not be inflicted by the fishermen.

The Rise of an aqua culture industry

 To cope with the rising demand due to growing population, preferences in dietary and the sea food supply in diversity have turned the situation alarming.  This alarming situation has given the rise to the Aqua Culture Industry across the region and these measures are the paradigm shift to change the course of the dependency from the natural aquatic habitat to the breeding of fish in the natural habitat. These measures taken by the governments have given more room to fishing excursion in the gulf waters and the fishing trip in Dubai.

The change in the climatic condition is also the problem that cannot be ignored; this problem is inflicting extra stress on the natural fish habitat, but it is calculated that the fish farming will bear the growing pressure of the future.

The Aqua Culture Projects

Unlike other industries there is no synthetic measures are practiced in this farming because the fish are grown in the open waters and are nurtured in the same environment as their natural habitat, these measures result in growing of other sea organisms like marine plants and crustaceans etc. to give the chances to fish to grow in its natural aquatic ambience, while this farming also helps in balancing of the aquatic eco system.  Aqua culture projects will make fishing trip in Dubai and other gulf region safer and enjoyable for the sea food lovers.

Despite the farmed fish are perceived as the second grade in the nutrition by the regional population, the farmed fish is growing in demand day by day. The best way to enjoy Dubai fishing trip is to hire the fishing charters Dubai, in case if one wants to taste the fresh catch from the natural habitat.

The Aqua culture projects are the projects conversation of the natural habitat because more the farm produce sold less will be the pressure on the natural habitat of the fish and this means more fun at the Fishing trip in Dubai and the other gulf region.

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