When Should you Buy A Domestic Travel Holiday Insurance Policy in India?

When Should you Buy A Domestic Travel Holiday Insurance Policy in India?

According to the survey by Global Travel Intention, Indians have an average of 5.6 trips a year, as compared to global average of 4.2 trips per year. It has also been estimated that Indians plan to increase their travel spending by 21% in the next 2 years. The country is home to mountains, deserts, seas, rivers, etc. Every corner of the country is rich in culture and natural heritage. Going on a vacation to explore the scenic beauty of India is a great idea when you are looking to take a break from your busy schedule.

However, about 45% of the Indian population travel to destinations which they feel are safe and hold minimum health or financial challenges. With a domestic travel insurance, such worries can be kept aside. You can travel to any destination in the country without bothering about unforeseen expenses, medical emergencies, baggage loss, etc.

When and why should you buy a domestic travel insurance plan?

If you are someone who goes on trips frequently or planning to go on a vacation soon, you must opt for a travel insurance policy. A Travel Insurance Plan offered by financial aggregators Bajaj Finserv can also be very helpful for a first-time traveller. The insurance policy provides him/her with a comprehensive plan for financial coverage under multiple pointers.

Availing a travel insurance plan also means you can enjoy your vacation better with zero worries. Here are the other attractive benefits why you must buy a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy offered by Bajaj Finserv under its suite of Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions –

Emergency travel and hotel assistance:

In case of any unforeseen situations during your trip, you can avail emergency travel and hotel assistance up to Rs. 50,000. This amount can be utilised to pay hotel bills, flight tickets, etc.

Complimentary insurance cover:

A complimentary insurance cover up to Rs. 3 Lakh is offered to deal with trip cancellations, loss of baggage, home burglary, hospitalisation charges occurring due to accidental injuries, etc.

Roadside assistance:

A domestic holiday cover offers roadside assistance in case you are stuck on the road due to a car breakdown. The insurer covers such requirements across more than 700 locations in the country.

Easy card blocking service:

You might end up losing your baggage or wallet while on a holiday trip. In such circumstances, a domestic travel cover plan enables you to have your credit and debit cards blocked with just one call. If your PAN card also gets misplaced in the loss, you can have it replaced for free.

While looking for the best domestic travel insurance plan, you must look for the above benefits. You can also opt for Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions such as the Personal Trip Liability Cover if you are planning to go on a solo trip.

The domestic insurance policy coverage offered by Bajaj Finserv also comes with a complimentary travel safe membership of 1 year. With this feature, you can claim the cost of 5 litres of fuel for a four-wheeler and 2 litres for a two-wheeler.

You can apply for a domestic travel cover online. The documents required while applying for the insurance policy are KYC documents, including Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc. With easy application and ample coverage benefits, a domestic holiday cover plan is one of the best investments a traveller can make.

You must ensure that the holiday spirit of you and your travel partners are not ruined due to some unpleasant incidents like baggage loss, car breakdown, flight cancellations, and so on. A travel insurance policy can financially cover such mishaps to help you follow through your travel itinerary or avail emergency healthcare if required. Make sure to read the terms of coverage offered by any policy before purchasing.

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