Dubai Tourist Visa For All Shopping Freak Individuals: Consider The VISA Fees To Make It Easy And Authentic

Dubai Tourist Visa For All Shopping Freak Individuals: Consider The VISA Fees To Make It Easy And Authentic

Dubai is a city in Middle East region where people come to shop recklessly. Dubai tourist Visa is going to be a must even for those people who wish to visit Dubai for the sake of shopping. People say that gold is very cheap in Dubai. As compared to other Asian countries, the price of gold ornaments or pure metal is quite low. But, is it really true?  According to the sources, it is found out that the fact is true. But, people do wonder on why these are cheap in Dubai. There are many other famous things which people can shop from Dubai. The garments, tiles, handicraft items, pashmina shawls, Arabian coffee, etc. Dubai Visa is mandatory for all those willing to shop from this city.

Tourist VISA for foreigners to Dubai for shopping

People from India and other Asian countries find pleasure to visit Dubai. Apart from passport, VISA is an important consideration which you must have with you while you get up on the fight to Dubai. There are many types of shoppers who visit the city of Dubai. The requirement of each of them to stay in Dubai and shop may be different. Thus, the Dubai tourist Visa for each of them will be different.

Types of Dubai VISA fees

  • Visa fees without deposit

Under this category, there are two types of VISA. Those are as follows:

  • 30 days tourist VISA– The VISA fees in this category is 69 USD. But, there are some additional charges apart from those. The service fee is $23.38 USD and the incidental charges are $4.21. Thus, the total VISA fees will be $96.59.
  • Express tourist VISA- The express tourist VISA has a different charge. The VISA fee is $69 USD. The additional charges that comes with it are service fee 41.65, incidental charges $7.50 etc. It comes to the total of $118.15.
  • Visa fees with deposit

 As the name suggest, the tourists availing the fee with deposits are as follows:

  • 30 days tourist VISA– Under this category, the visa fees comes to USD (69+ 272.50 + 33.64 +55.11) = USD 430.25$
  • Express tourist VISA- The VISA fees under this category comes to $ 69.00 + 272.50 + 52.34+ 58.49 = 452.31$

 It is important to find out with the expert VISA agents about the category in which you fall to avail the Dubai tourist Visa. If you are the shopper willing to spend less time and pick the best items from the shopping festival or any other renowned stores in Dubai, the express tourist VISA will be the best one for you.  But, if you have ample time in hand and relish the shopping activity, the 30 days tourist VISA will be the best for you. It is going to be best if you consult with the VISA providing company or an agent. Always go for the authentic VISA service provider when you are going to make your visit stress free and easy. The online access is there for VISA applicant.

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