How to Make Your Sailing 100% Sustainability

How to Make Your Sailing 100% Sustainability

Why Sustainability? 

Going green is the demand of the hour today. If you are a conscious traveller or believe in sustainable living then you will always look for sustainable options for survival wherever you go. And why not? For centuries we have exploited our Mother Earth, now it is time to give her something back. In our race to reach the top, we without realising the consequences kept her ill-using for years. Now when we look around, we realise that we have been too greedy all these years, and if this continues then we will leave nothing for our future generations to survive on.

The reason we see, global powers and world leaders are talking much on sustainable living so that we can not only save what is left but also try to create standards that can make this earth better place for all to live.

We are continuously seeing campaigns on banning of single-use of plastics, tree plantations, growing more trees, recycling, production of lesser non-biodegradable items, using biofuels, moving towards renewable energy, and more. The world is trying to bring control in every possible way so that we generate less trash that kills us, and creates healthier and sustainable space for us and our future generations to live a healthier and better life.

 How Is Yachting/Sailing Sustainable?

Almost every industry generates some trash, and yachting is no different, however less it does.Though yachting /sailing is believed to be one of the greenest sports in the world as not much has changed in sailing from the days it started, yet there are certain habits as sailors that we need to follow while on a sail to make sailing even more green and sustainable.

The most interesting thing about sailing is, sailboats though have the support of engines are mostly powered by the wind. You will not need the support of the engine for a full vacation if the weather is favourable. The underwater turbines generate electricity for the boats. Moreover, with solar panels on, sailing can be even eco-friendlier. The combined power of the Sun and the wind allow you to embark on a zero-emission vacation.

All the more, while on the sailing you hardly leave any carbon footprints behind. However, here we will discuss few easy to follow tips that if followed religiously will make your sailing 100% eco-friendly and sustainable.

Make Your Sailing100% Eco-Friendly

 How About Sailing and Sustainability in Dubai?

When you plan to embark on a yacht expedition, you search for yacht rental companies at the destination of your choice. Luxury yachting is becoming more and more popular these days. Yacht rental in Dubai is amongst the most favourites with the present bunch of sailors for the easy accessibility it provides from all the parts of the world. Besides, the choices of yachts in Dubai is huge that brings a wide sailor base to this port city of UAE. Moreover, the activities offered by the city make the expeditions even more exciting one.

Below are some points that will make your sailing in Dubai 100% eco-friendly and encourage sustainability during the expedition too.

 Choose your Boat carefully

Find out what are the eco-friendly sailing companies available in your choice of destination. See if they are associated with companies that are working for sustainable sailing. These days companies that are 100% emission-free do boast of about their eco-friendly sailing options. Do book your vacations with them.

  • Avoid Using the Engine If Not Necessary

On a windless day, make a point to relax, sunbath, swim around and unwind in as many possible ways you can, except for turning on the engine unless compulsory.

  • Segregate Your Trash 

In today’s world, it is difficult to avoid trash. However, you can always try to carry eco-friendly items. Whatever be the case, do carry different trash bags for different trash that you will generate while on a sail, so that it becomes easier for you to discard them on the right garbage containers when you leave.

  • Say No to Plastic

Though it is not easy to say no to plastics today, yet you can try to avoid as much as possible. You can avoid bringing plastic water bottles, glasses & cups, plastic cutleries, and plastic bags, etc., instead can go for eco-friendly options like metal, paper, cloths, etc. Be very careful while carrying plastics to the sea, because they should not be dumped in the ocean or anywhere else.

  • Eat Natural and Fresh

Go for local, fresh and natural food instead of packaged ones. Fresh foods are always healthiest and tastiest.

  • Go for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Ways

Use only those products that won’t generate too many trashes or harm nature. For cleaning you can always opt for vinegar, club Soda or lemon, all are good disinfectants. 


These days we see a lot is being done in sustainable living. Almost every country and every sector are looking for sustainable ways of survival. People and organisations are coming forward to raise their voice against growing carbon emission and at the same time spreading awareness about sustainable living solutions. Hence, we also see many personalities choosing sailing to promote sustainability across the world these days.

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