How to Arrange Your School Formal’s After-Party in the Best Way

How to Arrange Your School Formal’s After-Party in the Best Way

The significance of the School Formal event doesn’t have to be explained for all of us know the importance of it! Equally important is the After-Party of school formals. Do you want to know how to arrange for your Formal’s after-party in the best possible way? Well, read on for the secret recipe.

The Party Bus is Arriving in Style

Well, there are different transportation modes like limos, but if you want to transport a bigger friends’ group from the venue of Formal to the after-party, then you’ll need to book a party bus. The party bus will offer loads of entertainment the instant everybody steps on board. Besides, you can stream the newest tracks and dance on-board with your classmates while the party bus is cruising along.

Spread the Red Carpet

When the school formal party bus arrives at the after-party venue, you can spread out the 6m rented red carpet so that as soon as your guests step out of the party bus they can walk the red carpet and enter the party in style.

Selfie Love

In this era of Smartphones, all are just crazy for selfies – isn’t it! So why not rent a Photobooth for a fun and interactive element. Ensure you request them to bring some fun props along such as signs, big sunglasses, huge hats, feather boas and other interesting things. The Photobooth operators can generally add your school logo or some text on your photos such as ‘Class of 2019’, the perfect memento.

School Formal Party


While we don’t want to put a check on your party, it’s still extremely important to keep your parents informed about the after-party plans. Keep in mind to inform all of your guests that they must arrive with an invitation because without invitation, they won’t be allowed to enter in. Moreover, hire a security guard for the night to verify invites upon entry. This will look quite cool and also keep everybody safe.

Above all, your parents will be funding for this incredible formal after-party, so it’s extremely important to keep them informed about the important details.

Live Beats

Hire a top resident DJ who is guaranteed to make your party breathtaking after all everybody loves music. Set the beats pumping so the dance floor is rocking. It’s great to have a playlist ready in advance so the DJ is acquainted with the kind of music tracks you want to play. Nevertheless, if you’re having a tight budget, then you can play an iPod with a music playlist that’s selected beforehand; however, make sure you have some quality speakers to play the music.


Organise some night competitions to have some extra fun and hand out some crazy party awards like Best-dressed Tux, Hottest Couple and Craziest Dancer etc. Have the DJ announce the winners and also give away some fabulous prizes.

Power up the Night

Your friend will require snacks and drinks when they arrive so they can power all through the night. Without complexities, you can just order a variety of hot gourmet pizzas. Ensure you have a choice of cold soft drinks ready; however, if your budget allows, add it up with some fantastic mocktails. Besides, hiring a mixologist to attend the bar and mix up your tasty cocktails in fancy glasses would be a great idea. Remember, to raise a toast with your friends to celebrate the year ended and the enthusiasm of what lies ahead in the coming years.

The Bottom Line

School formal party bus hire is a great way to celebrate the most important day in your academics that marks the end of your high school education. For this very reason, you’ll want to make this day a memorable one that you’ll cherish in the years to come.

Party bus helps your friends’ group to arrive at the after-party in great style making the most of every minute. So what are you waiting for? Right away book a party bus in Sydney and celebrate your school formal party in the best way possible.

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