How to Conduct Yourself During a Yacht Party in Dubai

How to Conduct Yourself During a Yacht Party in Dubai

Dubai yacht parties are acclaimed by yacht enthusiasts from all around the world. And why not? The luxury, extravagance, adventure, comfort, entertainment, hospitality, atmosphere, weather, culture, people, local vibes and everything else just fits into place to make your special occasions the most arresting one. This vibrant city of the United Arab Emirates has everything and is renowned for its exceptional, world-class hotels, resort, spas, dining, entertainment, and other venues. In such an electrifying ambience, there could be no better choice than partying on a luxury yacht. Be it a birthday party, wedding party, celebrating the anniversary with close friends, a corporate event gathering with staff and employees or even small reunions with old mates, you would want to nail the occasions with sublime arrangements.


However, many times, in our chase to make our event appear extraordinary, we miss out on basic conducts that most of the time is disappointing for the host, guests or even the crew members. To make the occasion rewarding for all, it is important we make ourselves aware of some basic etiquettes to be followed during a yacht party tour in Dubai.

We will discuss everything you need to know when you attend such luxury yacht parties.

Dress Sensibly

If it is a theme party, then your host will provide you with the dress code, so it depends on the host of the party. Do keep yourself informed about the dress code, whether it is formal or casual. There is an essential costume requirement for yacht parties. It is wise to check with the host before your leave for the event. Both being overdressed or underdressed can be equally embarrassing for both the host and the guest. Moreover, you will also have to keep in mind the local culture factor. You yacht crew members can help you understand what would be the right dress for you when you are attending a yacht party in Dubai. If you do not respect the local culture, then you might not be given entry to the yacht.

Pick Footwear Carefully

This is crucial when you board a yacht, as many yachts have no shoe policy while onboard. So before you step into the deck area, ensure you have either removed your shoes or you have confirmed what would be the right footwear for such venue. Usually, for safety reasons, you are guided to drop-off your shoes in the shoe zones. However, if yachts allow shoes on board, it must be soft-soled shoes only. Since teak wood is used to make the deck flooring, shoes with sharp/pointed heels or soles are not permitted. As heavy and shoes with sharp soles can damage the  flooring. So, make sure, you are aware of footwear permission.


Be Polite to Your Crew Members

Be polite to people and crew members is very important. If you engage in any kind of arguments or abuses it will spoil the entire atmosphere. Moreover, every person deserves basic mannerism from you. The crew members work tirelessly to make your event successful and you happy.


They ensure your guests have a great time. Being impolite to harsh to them won’t fetch you any respect. You must treat them with respect, in the same manner, you usually do with any respectful person. Give them time to respond to your demands and do not run after them if anything gets delayed. There must be some reason behind it. They are there to serve you. So, it is your responsibility you keep the atmosphere uplifted for all. If you face any problem, talk to the captain, else any unwarranted rude behaviour can lead to legal action.

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