How to decide where to travel to Ontario?

How to decide where to travel to Ontario?

It’s a fundamental question, sounds simple but with a challenging answer. Sometimes when you run out of ideas, it’s hard to keep up with a wishful-thinking-list of places to visit. Budget is a constraint to your plans but there are still better ways to decide.

When in Canada traveling is fun, more or less, unique experience makes you want to live it all over again, doesn’t it? Toronto is the largest city with spectacular views and stunning buildings topping the skies for competition. Not only is this, but the landmarks, cultural sites just impeccable.

Places to visit in Ontario – Take a Pick!

With vast lands in its pocket, Toronto can prove to be one of the most exciting places to visit. But how can you decide which place to go to? So to you guys, I have created a list of places (which according to me) might do the job for you and did for me when I was in my traveling abroad.

1. Canada’s Wonderland

It’s not hard to understand why Toronto, the city, is always packed. Brimming amusement parks and rides is one of the main reasons for the place to bloom over the years. True, some might think it’s too dangerous for minors but in my opinion, a visit to the city is incomplete without a fun ride. Amusement parks are suitable for all ages, and the truth is told, it swings you in a good mood too. Being the largest amusement park, it promises to bring thrills and giggles for hours!

2. Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

I think butterflies are the most innocent of the species that everyone has come to love. You can have the opportunity to be mesmerized by visiting the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. Let the distance and traffic not stop you, you can easily call up your friends, pick them one by one on Cambridge airport limo and enjoy the numerous exotic species of butterflies at the conservatory.

If you are not grossed by bugs, you can also chase some of the other nominal bug species as well.

3. Graffiti Alley

Art takes several shapes and sizes. If you are on a tight budget on your traveling experience you can ditch the limo services but walking is a good option too. So guys, be ready for an onsite live free of fee gallery on the streets!

Yes, you heard me right. Graffiti is also the art (big time) and once upon a time considered to be art vandalism too. But it turns out because of it certain places have become more than popular for creative art can be sprayed on the alley walls of the Fashion District.

4. Toronto International Film Festival

One of the most awaited events for the year is exciting for many. A ten-day movie festival is best attended by the movie stars and the tourist crowd is genuinely crazy to visit it.

The glimpse into the festival will make you relive the Hollywood moments in Canada. You can book a Hollywood style ride in the shape of Cambridge airport limo if traveling with your group of friends and arrive in style to watch a movie. A little show off won’t hurt anyone and it is exciting for a way to enjoy your day.

5. Distillery District

Vintage shopping anyone?

What makes this place awesome is the vintage shops! The big Victorian buildings and historic background were established in the 1830s. Now because of the regeneration projects, it is a houseful of diverse shops, cafes, and eateries with the best meals. Don’t be surprised when you recognize some of the spots that were shot in the movies or seasons.

Snap a picture, publish a post-Instagram worthy and get thousands of likes.

Make sure to book a trip to Ontario

I would recommend visiting all of these places and more, with enough time on your hand. Don’t miss the chance to create your traveling memoir!

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