Plan to Visit City of Prague with United Airlines

Plan to Visit City of Prague with United Airlines

You can never get tired if you wish to explore this city of Prague. This gorgeous city is located by the Vltava river and is a proud capital of the Czech Republic. People who love to travel find themselves stunned by the architecture, the sense of renaissance, and how the tourist spots are just thriving. Make your reservations with united airlines reservations to get exciting offers and visit this gorgeous city that will never fail to surprise the travelers!

You can take a free walking tour.

The first day the tourists recommend to walk about the city and orient themselves to the town. How people are, the culture and the main attractions everything is out in the open and you will be acquainted in no time if you keep your eyes and ears open. You will get plenty of choices on where to eat, tour and relax.

Some places like:

  1. Old Town Square, 
  2. Charles Bridge, 
  3. Prague Castle,
  4. the Jewish Quarter etc.

The famous Prague Castle

Prague Castle should easily be your second sight to visit when you visit this city as all the main tourist attractions are just around the corner like Old royal place, Golden lane, St Cathedral and many more.

You can stroll around Petrin park

petrin park is a beautiful garden where you will find a maze and a lookout tower and get a stunning view of this city. People love to watch tall trees and stroll around these paths as they give a very contrasting feel to the city as when you will find other tourist attractions to be bustling. This one will calm your nerves and relax while walking around on this expansive beach.

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Visit the John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall is famous for all the writeups and the graffiti on the wall. People love to get themselves photographed here. It also has a history of its own which has made it even more historically significant. After communism ended, students started writing the lyrics of the John Lennon songs, which was their way to communicate love and peace. Tourists are also given a chance to write something that represents love and peace. 

You can chill by the waterfront.

If you have tried yourselves entirely and because we are only humans who cannot see everything in one day, try to come by the waterfront, within the radius from the John Lennon wall, and you’ll have to cross a bridge to get to this waterfront. People love to relax and wind down after an exhausting day in the city. You can find excellent dining and chilling options here, coffee, refreshing drinks, and good music cafes, and you just have to name it, and it is here! After you’re done relaxing you can find yourself back from Charles bridge to the city center which the locals recommend.

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