Why You Should Stopover in Egypt?

Why You Should Stopover in Egypt?

It is a fact that thousands of years old mummies speak in Egypt. This news came out in the last week of January 2021 that a 3 thousand years old mummy started talking. Some British researchers confirmed this news and after that Egypt came into the limelight. Unfortunately, travelers couldn’t move to Egypt because of the Coronavirus pandemic but they could be aiming to travel to the land of Pharoah just after the coronavirus spread come into control or the vaccine of covid-19 came into the market.

My neighbors in Luton are Muslims so they find opportunities for the Halal Holiday every year. This year they are finding for the best January Umrah Packages. I have a plan with them. After getting free from Saudi Arabia, we will join in Egypt to discover the place together. Well, this blog is to guide you about what you can make out of your Egypt Holidays in 2020/2021.

Things to Do in Egypt Stopover:

There are a lot of things to do in your ideal Egypt Holidays this time. Let the covid’s wait over, Egypt is all braced to welcome you with the diverse experiences. Get to know how you can make out your experience better in Egypt, there you go.

Explore the Vibrant Cairo:

Starting to explore the capital of the country is because you will land at the international airport in Cairo. It is an amazing idea because Cairo is a multicultural city having ancient traditions, culture, and diversity. You will visit the old city to find the old glimpses of Islamic Giza. Remember that Romans, Muslims, and other nations. A brilliant melt of ancient Egypt and modern Cairo will inspire you. Sitting at the local cafes for the coffee and café and talking about history with a local friend in Cairo would help you understand more about the country.

But how will you get to know the local friends in Egypt?

Make Local Friends in Egypt Even Before Landing:

You could be thinking of social media platforms. But no, social media platforms can help you to get the local friends of the place you are heading to but the purpose of the meeting would not be clear. I used Couchsurfing a very interesting travel application that helps you find relevant friends.

I traveled to Pakistan last year and had many friends whom I met on Couchsurfing and they welcomed me. Some friends hosted me, some had dinner or lunch with me or some just wanted to meet on a coffee. I used this application in many countries to make friends. You will use this app and can be able to understand that how exactly it can help you out making friends in Egypt host you, to have dinner with you, or will be available for just a hangout.

Get Soaked in the Luxurious Alexandria:

You know who founded Alexandria and when? Alexander the Great in 332 BC. This is a place where thousands of tourists visit and take the ultimate luxuries while soaking in the sun beachside. Your Egypt Holidays are meant to have the adventure and relaxed moments together, being on Alexandria’s beach point will expose you to such soothing experiences.

Don’t miss the lighthouse views of Alexandria. This comes in the seven wonders in the world. After the crisis of covid-19, we are sure to have this place coming back to life. You can start packing your things for the upcoming Egypt holidays.

Dive to Snorkel in Sharm al-sheik:

Egypt allows you to dive in the clean waters of the red sea and have a perfect snorkeling experience. There are many coaching centers there to teach you how to get into the deep waters and enjoy your time with the water species. If you only had watched the snorkeling people on your television screen and had not tried ever, it is an opportunity to have a very safe experience in Egypt’s side of the red sea.  You will get the extra conscious classes to learn the basics of diving and playing with the water.

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