Winding Paths to Andalucía

Winding Paths to Andalucía

Have you ever faced intolerance? Just because you acted differently? You didn’t want what others wanted for you?

If yes, then raise your hands with me and say NO to any intolerance there might be in the society.

I have been to many places around the world, and in my experience, I have seen people who suffered and had a pretense of life too. When travelling, unfortunately, you get to see all the aspects of the present life; the good and bad aspects.

When I came to on Spain holidays I had one agenda only. To enjoy the moments, the best way I can and obviously to observe its traditions, norms, and values too.


A country is defined by not only its people but what they are bringing on the plate to serve others.

Being a constant traveller you get to see lots of cultures, some are more open-minded than the others but in Spain, I have seen its culture flourishing and being welcomed by the foreigners too. you might be surprised by how much tourist population you get to see especially on the popular tourist’s spots.

Spain is the southernmost country in Europe, meaning to be the warmest part and hence most appreciated because of its climate change from the rest of the continent (Ameen to that!) and the north of Spain is a total opposite of what you may get to see in the south. hence it’s a perfect merging of north and south in my opinion.

Not to be so much surprised it is also one of the most visited countries of the world, well it’s quite obvious from the facts that the land calls itself like a siren to the tourists but people are super friendly too. they even let tourists inside their homes for over a cup of coffee looking for thrilling stories one might tell of other places.

It’s easy to make friends here

Because of the welcoming nature of people in Andalucía tourists are often seen throughout the year. Let it be the city sights or the beach sides, Andalucía is definitely our first stop destination in Spain.


There is a deep power in worlds that speaks the truth so here are our top 7 reasons why you need to visit this place;

cities of Andalucía

Cross culture heritage

Andalucía comes from the Arabic word “Al-Andalus”, the name of a Moorish ruler who used to rule the territory and without a doubt, you can the Moorish culture still in many of the cities.

It’s not only the Arabs who influence the culture of Andalucía but the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Hews, Vandals and North Iberians also settled within an era.

The traditional land of Andalucía prides itself in its rich history and traditions either it is a flamenco or the appetizing recipes it’s a vibrant destination for tourists to visit.


Without a doubt, Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit this mind blogging region of Spain. the temperature is mildly warm and the beaches are less crowded (since any other time of the year) and you can relax and enjoy the sightseeing or any other activities you have planned for yourself.

Eccentric Nightlife

Spaniards just can’t stay indoors. And why would they? When they can party all night long? People in Spain are late risers. Their actual day starts right after 10 pm and they stay out and about.

The traffic-free cities of Andalucía make it a perfect markup for the crowd to mingle together in a cheerful atmosphere. Who knows what you might get to see there? Street dancing is a not a new but yet a fascinating trend where hip hop style of dancing can be seen and yes all of that is enjoyable.

Heavenly viewpoints

In Spain, it’s a useless effort no to wonder whether it has some good viewpoints or not? (Pfft!) you’ve got to be kidding me if you really thought that, ever.

Don’t you dare picture Andalucía as a dry part of the land? It’s as lush and green as a secret garden and not only this but the hillsides along the beach shores are a great example of Spain. not only this but Spain also has some excellent climb tracks in the mountains that attracts climbers from all over the world.

The art of festivals

Each country has its unique range of celebrations through round the year and so Spain has mixed culture over the centuries bringing it to various festivals celebrated not only by the locals but the tourists alike.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to participate in those festivals while you are in Spain? I know I would love to. Flamenco dances, tomato fights, running in front of bulls, the festival of fire and there are yet more festivals to come. Let’s just say each month represents its certain celebrations.

Finger Licking Cuisine

Not only rich in terms of its culture but Andalucía has a rich history of cuisines ranging from each culture, seafood is the specialty of this region. You will get to enjoy fresh lobster and prawn infused recipes at your hotel or even you can enjoy more affordable and simple dishes in the local cafes too. and just a little reminder Spanish meals last longer perhaps even for hours and you really need to be in a good company of friends and family to enjoy this time.

Astonishing beaches

Being a beach lover, I spend most of the holidays on coastlines doing some fun activities or having a quiet time lazing up on a sun lounger and reading my favorite author. The stunning beaches in Andalucía are not entirely populated by the tourist’s crowd and you can enjoy a relaxing get away from your hectic routine.

Let your happiness come in waves of joy and bliss.

Andalucía is perfect for you not only because of the above-mentioned reasons but also because it can be your first choice when you visit Spain.

Don’t forget to live your side of adventure in Spain and when you go to Spain Holidays you will enjoy every inch of it.

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