11 Free and Premium Feminine WordPress Themes

11 Free and Premium Feminine WordPress Themes

WordPress has been an evolutionary platform to build creative websites and promote content irrespective of any gender biases and explore a wide variety of services and posts available for Information-based learning and smart assimilation of essential services. Hence to provide a comprehensive approach to women and girls all around, there are many feminine themes available with WordPress archives where content related to woman-centric ideology, critical information, and data can be explored and ascertained through social media and website communication. 

These themes when amalgamated with the right information and data can help alleviate the issues regarding women and their routine life. Hence we have compiled and brought forth some unique feminine WordPress themes to get your womanhood journey documented with ease and simplicity. 

  • BrightSpa by Brndle Themes

BrightSpa by Brndle comes with a blend of private community blended with social blogging to create a professional beauty and salon website for customers all around. A community dedicated solely to the field of beauty and salon, the theme comes with an exciting feature where brands can create a private community and forum with the help of BuddyPress and BuddyBoss platform to engage people sharing the same passion for salon and beauty. 

With Woocommerce support, BrightSpa offers a unique transformation to a marketplace where users can make salon product purchases and community which assists in harboring loyal consumers up for a friendly chat and discussions. LearnDash integration also makes BrightSpa a premium website to sell courses, where brands can teach users about salon and beauty courses and skills. The additional social blogging feature also lets the brands be vocal and connective with their users and involve them to make the community more receptive and expressive. 

Check the link for further information: BrightSpa for WordPress

  • FashionBuzz by Brndlethemes

FashionBuzz by Brndlethemes is yet again a powerful feminine WordPress theme that supports the fashion, lifestyle, and designer genres for brands who wish to have a compelling first impression in this area of expertise. FashionBuzz is equipped with LearnDash and Woocommerce that let the brands revolutionize the website with elements of online learning and courses with LearnDash which will eventually make the consumers purchase fashion and lifestyle courses to learn the basics of designing as well as establishing the website as a marketplace where brands can conduct business deals related to fashion and beauty. Apart from that the BuddyPress and BuddyBoss assimilation can make the theme adaptable and able to work as a social community where like-minded people can come and share their experiences and knowledge. 

Check the link for further information: FashionBuzz for WordPress

  • Feminine Style by Acme Themes

Feminine Style is another woman-centric theme that caters to the world of women and girls. The theme can be used on websites catering to various women-related topics and categories to help spread awareness and understanding. The theme is smartphone and tablet friendly as well as customization options make it more durable and easy to use. The customization option lets the brands change the header, footer, and sidebar sliders for an overall comprehensive look and feel. Supported by major plugin services and page builders, feminine style is a great way to start your digital journey with. 

Check the link for further information: Feminine Style for WordPress

  •  RebeccaLite by AZ-Theme.Net

RebeccaLite is another sophisticated and beautiful theme for women to explore and begin with. The theme is SEO-friendly to rank high in frequent searches and is also adaptable to mobile and tablet screens. The theme caters to many categories ranging from food recipes, travel blogging, lifestyle and spirituality, and beauty and makeup and is an exceptional blog theme for beginners and professionals. 

Check the link for further information: .RebeccaLite for WordPress

  • Chic Lite by Rara themes

Chic lite is a modern professional blogger theme with feminine attributes and settings which makes it a perfect fit for any women-centric topics or issues that need to be highlighted and explored. The theme is SEO friendly and schema optimized for faster loading and less lagging. The theme caters to categories such as food recipes, travel, lifestyle, and beauty with a wide range of fonts available to express each idea with simplicity and care. There is also an additional newsletter facility that lets the brand send unique newsletters to users. 

Check the link for further information: Chic Lite for WordPress

  • Peruse by Temple Sell

A theme that solely helps in building unique blogs, Peruse is Responsive and a lightweight theme that comes with plenty of additional settings and useful columns. The theme has an elegant layout with minimalistic tones to make the look appear a bit ethereal. The customization tool helps in curating sidebars, widgets, footers, featured sliders to make it look complete and fully functional. The theme also comes with color management Pantone and added widgets to explore and create powerful content. 

Check the link for further information: Peruse For WordPress

  • Incise by wprhymes

Incise is another unique theme that is multifunctional in approach and is highly flexible. The theme is clean and responsive and is considered one of the best for beginners and professional bloggers who want to begin and explore the possibility of addressing feminine topics with meticulous attention. The theme has logo options available, with header image and footer being open to customization. The theme is also browser-friendly and supports all major browsers. 

Check the link for further information: Incise for WordPress

  • Urbane by Temple Sell

Urbane is another modern theme that has a magazine and blog outlook to make it look more crisp and professional. The theme boasts minimalistic tones and has a search option,off-canvas sidebar, footer, and feature options available for customization. The added Widgets provide more control to the brand and the color management Pantone lets the brands highlight the tones of the layout with interesting expressive colors. The theme is also advertisement-ready. 

Check the link for further information: Urbane for WordPress

  • Sarada Lite by Blossom Themes

Sarada Lite is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog theme that can be used by beginners and professionals. With this theme,brands can experiment with 900+fonts with unlimited color management.and composition to make the website look more visually appealing. The content can be shared to increase more media visibility. The Woocommerce compatibility makes the theme more approachable and appreciative. The theme is SEO and RTL translation ready. 

Check the link for further information: Sarada Lite for WordPress

  •  Xena by WPkind

Xena is another elegant and beautiful theme that lets the brands use their creativity to build and maintain a website with unique customization options. Xena has a wide database for Google fonts, colors, and backgrounds to make the website look presentable in minutes. The header, footers, and sliders can also be customized with a few clicks. Xena is Woocommerce compatible and uses 100% CSS/HTML, all available in a size of 9KB. 

Check the link for further information: Xena for WordPress

  • Avrilly by Moozthemes

Avrilly is another feminine-looking theme designed for people who wish to build their own lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and travel blogs. The theme is unusually crisp and fine-looking with easy-to-use and faster loading options, the theme also boasts full-length width and a sidebar option. The theme includes a number of footer widgets and delivers the content in a smooth way. 

Check the link for further information: Avrilly for WordPress

Such themes with the feminine as a priority have given birth to such blogs and businesses that have been solely catering to the needs and requirements of the women at large. Such themes are instrumental in spreading awareness about various women’s issues but also have been Trendy enough to experiment and let the women experience things worthy of documentation.

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