5 Mind-Blowing Web Design Facts For Getting Conversions

5 Mind-Blowing Web Design Facts For Getting Conversions

Getting your business website designed has never been easier with the free platforms such as WordPress and numerous paid website building programs which allow even the dummies to come up with a good enough business website. However, the customised websites still have their charm as they aren’t built on template designs and present the audience with unique digital experiences which immerse and convert. 

Here, CyberWorx Technologies, the leading Web Design Company in Bangalore, outlines several crucial facts that one should factor in while going for website designing and development. Take a peek at the list and be blown away!

70% of The Audience Will Find a Company Via Blog

An active blog can be a great way to attract a new audience as providing industry-related information that is useful to your audience can be one of the most credible ways to introduce your brand.

Your audience forms an opinion of your brand in less than a second

Once your web pages are in full visibility it takes only half a second for your visitors to decide whether your brand is likable to them or not. Since brand perception is 94% design-related, hire a business & Ecommerce Website Designing company that builds a robust website with an appealing web design. 

More than two-thirds of visitors trust customer reviews as much as personal recommendations.

A study revealed that the majority of online audiences show a lot of trust in reviews that your past customers have provided. Thus, it is important for your web design to highlight customer reviews so that they can easily take in your review score and they are more motivated to avail of your services. 

Almost half of your audience will bounce away if your site does not load within 2 seconds. 

In this fast-paced, digital world, your audience is used to having web pages load in an instant, thus, it only makes sense to not test their patience and have your traffic stay on your site by having a fast loading speed for your web pages.

Online audiences love to scan lists

With their shortening attention spans, your visitors would much rather like to go through a light text such as bullets rather than reading daunting, long paragraphs. Hence, make your content copy easy to skim by utilising list format, bullets, and more.

CyberWorx Technologies is a leading Website designing Agency in Bangalore that builds beautiful, bespoke business websites and helps business brands flourish in the online space. Connect to CyberWorx to get an impressive digital presence.


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