What Is The Role Of PHP On Web Hosting?

What Is The Role Of PHP On Web Hosting?

Amidst so many options available to choose the hosting environment form, it gets difficult for one to choose the right hosting environment. You need to make sure whichever hosting environment you choose, should have the technical capabilities for your site to grow as well as supports the technologies your website is built with. And today, I will be discussing one of these hosting environment, that is PHP web hosting.

It is considered as the type of hosting that is capable of reading and executing the PHP language well. Basically, the server supports the PHP language. Some leading PHP development agencies, also assist you in getting the developed website hosted on their trusted servers. The topics this article will cover are:

  • What is PHP is?
  • What is its role in web hosting?
  • What are the benefits of choosing PHP hosting?

So let us get started:

What is PHP is?

It is the most popular, open-source, and widely used scripting language, that is developed by the PHP group. It is considered as an open-source interpreter, which means that it can interpret in real-time, running not on the code of machine it is built on.

Its main benefit is it provides a free but powerful platform on which one can develop websites with dynamic content. It can be considered as one of the best scripting languages available. This language is used to build dynamic content and is embedded within the working of HTML code. PHP is such a wide concept that you can easily find documentation if you want to expand your knowledge on the same.

What is its role in web hosting?

PHP, being a server-side language, the source code is processed by the server only. It makes sense, as front-end users do not have access to the code. Still, PHP sites have snippets of HTML and CSS throughout. Also, it is a very flexible language and can do a lot, that most of the static websites can not.

Some complex features, PHP can help your website perform:

  • PHP can help you display the best version of the website depending upon the screen size. In other words, PHP websites can adjust itself according to the screen size.
  • It helps in receiving and sending cookies.
  • You can create forums, blogs, and other pages that are as unique as your creative thoughts.
  • It helps in providing a better user experience by creating interactive websites that require user input.
  • It allows one to create websites with dynamic content with the help of a database.

What are the benefits of choosing PHP hosting?

  • -It is globally used scripting language, which means sites built in PHP are compatible with every new device including iOS and Android-based devices. These days, the ability of a website to adjust itself according to the screen size is the need for any website.
  • -PHP, being a free language, the hosting required for its websites is lesser than many commercial scripting languages hosting environments.
  • -PHP language, being light on the server, can be considered as server-friendly. That means, the website built with PHP will not bring a strain on the server and will perform very fast.
  • -PHP reaches its acme in terms of performance when it comes to integration with databases like MySQL. Also, PHP is so versatile, that there are many database integration options available.

Parting Thoughts

With this, I wrap up the article on PHP web hosting. I hope this article has been informative for you. PHP web hosting is a very good option if you are building your website with PHP based technology. As said earlier, before you choose the web host for your website, you need to ensure that it is supporting the PHP environment and the technologies you have used in your website. The PHP web hosts are well compatible with both Linux and windows platform but PHP Linux is the best combination for a website to perform. So, choose your web host wisely, good luck.

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