Top 5 Tips To Packaging Your Products Better

Top 5 Tips To Packaging Your Products Better

Today, product packaging is a very important part of marketing. With increasing competition, businesses have realized that putting efforts in improving the packaging design of a product goes a long way toward attracting more customers. This is even more in large cities like Chicago where products have more competition to face with less space to do it in. That is why in the last decade many firms have been created to improve product designs in Chicago. When designing your product packaging, you should have the following points in mind.

  1. Keep It Simple: The packaging should convey the product concept and its purpose simply and elegantly. More often than not, the packaging is designed with visual appeal as the focus. By focusing on trying to make it as beautiful as possible, the design may become too complicated to attract customers. When was the last time you saw boxed milk? It’s probably been a while. A few years ago, milk manufacturers saw tepid sales in smaller servings of their product. By switching from boxed milk to a more familiar plastic bottle with a resealable cap, sales for milk soared. By creating packaging that was simple and familiar with potential customers, milk manufacturers benefitted from simple product packaging.
  2. Be Unique: One of the most important aspects of packaging design is getting your product noticed by potential customers. How do we do that? By designing your product in a way that it attracts both potential customers and The easiest way to do this will be to design the most unique package in the niche. When the product is placed together with other, similar products it should easily stand from its competition. For example when it was first being bottled in the early 20th century, Coca-Cola had a lot of competition from copycat companies looking to steal their market share. These companies created bottles and labels that looked similar enough to Coca-Cola’s in hopes that their product would be purchased on accident. In a stroke of marketing genius, Coca-Cola designed and patented a bottle that could be recognized “by touch in the dark.” Just by creating a unique design, Coca-Cola was able to set itself apart from its competition and become one of the best known brands in the world.
  3. Make It Emotionally Engaging: People are more likely to purchase your product if its packaging evokes warm, positive emotions. Lets you are selling chocolates and your target market is kids and tweens. Instead of wrapping the chocolate in foil or plastic you can wrap it up in a furry material and make the packaging look like a cute animal. I mean, what Easter would be complete without biting off the ears of your annual Easter bunny!? Many businesses that focus on package designs often overlook the importance of their customers’ emotional attraction. They may get the colors and the packaging size right, and even succeed in being truly unique, but without adding that emotional attachment they will miss out on creating a relationship between their customers and their product.
  4. Display: When designing the packaging for your product, you should also take into consideration how your product will be presented to your target market. Consider whether your products are displayed at eye level or below eye level, whether they are stored behind a glass panel or placed at the checkout, or anything else that may be relevant to the placement of your product. Did you know that the cartoon characters on cereal boxes are always looking down? This is because characters who make eye contact with children are more likely to been seen as trustworthy. Cereal companies know that when a child trusts a character and the brand that it represents, they are more likely to ask (or beg depending on your child) for that cereal in the store. These companies took advantage of their products’ display and created packaging that best utilized it. By keeping your product’s placement in mind when you create its packaging, you will have a better chance of being noticed by your target market.
  5. Selling Online: If you are into onlines sales then your packaging becomes all the more important. According to various research, more than 50% of consumers who buy products online say that they will buy the product again if they receive their order in premium packaging. That means with only minor changes to your products packaging, you can create more repeat customers. This is a low-cost, high-rewards strategy that almost any company can take advantage of. This increase in consistent sales can also lead to an increase in exposure. According to one study, almost 74% of young adults ages 18 – 25 are likely to share their experience with a product on social media if they like that product’s packaging. As shoppers start making more purchases online, the need for smart, well-designed packaging will be essential to any new product’s success.

Whether a product is sold online, through retailers, or a combination of both, the need for a well-developed package design is critical for any product, especially in an area as popular as Chicago. So whether you are planning to launch a new product or just looking to increase your existing market share, do yourself a favor and contact a firm that specializes in packaging design in Chicago. Working with experts, they will help you create an attractive packaging design specifically created for your product and its success.

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