Key Elements of Successful eCommerce Website

Key Elements of Successful eCommerce Website

Do not be under the misconception that setting up an online store is simpler than an offline one or takes lesser effort. Setting up an online store also means designing a good theme or layout for the storefront similar to a conventional store.

Setting up an eCommerce website means spending time brainstorming for innovative ideas for a unique design, adding appealing features and several efforts to give the eCommerce website an edge. This article provides a more detailed explanation of the key elements of a successful eCommerce website development.

Top Elements of a Good eCommerce Website

  • Products or services: The type of products you plan to sell online will clearly define the type of website you will require. It will also affect the marketing efforts and business model.
  • Define business model: Defining an online business model is equally important. The popular business models are B2B and B2C.
  • Identify the targeted audience: Identify your audience first; this is essential for a good website design and structure of your content.
  • Domain & Hosting: The first step of setting up an eCommerce website is to research and register a good domain name. It also means finding a reliable and secure hosting provider.
  • Select an appropriate eCommerce platform:
    • Custom eCommerce website: This typically means using a popular framework like Laravel or Zend to develop a feature-rich custom eCommerce website.
    • Traditional Platforms: This involves paying an annual fee for the platform that can be customised to your liking by an IT firm.
    • Open-source platform: Several highly feature-rich and efficient eCommerce websites use a free to use open-source platform like Magento, Open Cart, etc.
    • Cloud platform: Cloud platform is also available for several popular shopping cards, one of them being Magneto; however, this too will come at a cost.
    • SAAS Platform: This will typically be a user-friendly platform that is easy to set up with no worry about maintenance security and updates. Shopify is one such platform.
  • Branding & Company image: It is vital you use the right colours and design for your brand. The way you market your products and advertise your brand will shape the image of your firm.
  • Website design & development: A good website design is very important as is a well-developed website. It should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Appealing shipping & payment options: Keep the checkout process quick, simple and flexible. Offer multiple payment & shipping options.
  • Smart eCommerce setup & configuration: Setup your eCommerce website with a good description and images. It also allows you to use the right configuration options.
  • Website optimisation (SEO): Optimise your website for speed and take appropriate steps to ensure to improve the search engine ranking.
  • Develop a content strategy: Your content strategy plays a vital role in making it appealing to the right audience.
  • Well researched marketing strategy: Create the right marketing strategy for your firm to ensure it is effective.

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