Want to Solve Some Common WordPress Errors? Swipe Down to Know More!

Want to Solve Some Common WordPress Errors? Swipe Down to Know More!

WordPress has given remarkable opportunities to people all around the world to make their own business-centric and personal websites. Today, 70% of businesses are using the WordPress platform for driving traffic. There are various platforms related to the content management system; however; WordPress is the most preferred one due to its easy functioning.

There are chances of errors and problems pertaining to various platforms. In the case of WordPress, the only relief is a broad user base and a highly supportive community. You can also contact the various custom WordPress development company, to get the sure-shot solution for your WordPress queries. If you want to resolve the problem in a short time, you can follow this blog. We have presented some of the errors and their solutions for better results. Have a look!

Note: It is important to take a backup first to avoid any data loss from your WordPress.


Many developers might have come across this error at least once while working on WordPress. Also, people get confused about detecting this error in the first place. The main reason for this error is exhausted PHP memory limit, corrupted .htaccess and plugins, including theme functions.

This is another common WordPress error that developers might have come across at least once. It is created by an exhausted PHP memory limit, theme or plugins functions, or even corrupted .htaccess.

Common Solutions

Deactivate Plugins- First, connect your desktop through a File Manager or FTP and deactivate all the plugins. Some particular plugin can also be the problem. Once you are done, then refresh the site and evaluate that the error is gone or not. If you are sure that there are errors in the plugin then reactivate the plugin.

Strengthen the Memory Limit

This is also one of the errors which you might face some or the other day while working with the WordPress platform. It is advisable to increase the PHP memory limit. You can also recheck and edit the wp-config.php file through FTP adding this line code.

define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64’);

This will enlarge your memory limit to 64M. You would also be required to contact the host before increasing the memory limit.

Change to the Default Theme

Also, you can replace the current theme with the default WordPress theme for any type of internal Server Error. How? You can always crack this error by entering the wp-content/themes folder through FTP and once it is done rename the folder.

White Screen of Death Error

This error happens very quickly during a theme or plugin issue or when the script reaches the PHP memory limit. The user will get frustrated to see the plain white screen with no error message.

Common Solutions

Increase the Memory Limit

You can follow the same step which is mentioned above. By considering the step, you will surely get the desired result.

Deactivate the Plugins

Again, you can directly connect to the website by FTP and can change the wp-content/plugins and also it is advisable to deactivate all the plugins.

Consider the Debug Feature

If you have tried to practice both the above methods and still could not find the solution, you can simply insert the code into wp-config.php file: define ( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true);. Moreover, by using the method, you can easily tackle the situation and know the main cause of the error.

404 Not Found

This error often happens as an outcome of transformation in the permalinks rather than a change in the links of the original URL. Also, you can easily fix this link. You can also get a message like a file is missing. Like it is permanently deleted from the database.

Common Solutions

Change to the Previous Link

First of all, login into the dashboard, click settings, from there you will get the option of permalinks. Find the permalinks which have been searched and save it.

Fix Redirect Plugin

This plugin can assist you in fixing the problem. You can include the old permalinks and point them towards the new ones.

Image Not Found

WordPress users face problems like the image cannot be uploaded. There are chances that the images are broken or not displaying properly on the site. Whenever the user tries to upload an image, an error message pops out. This mostly occurs when the wrong file permission is given.

Common Solutions

After opening the site through FTP, change the permission level to 744. Moreover, you can change the permission level to 755 if there is still an error.

Connect to your site via FTP and change the permission level to 744. You may also have to change it to 755 if the error still persists.

Accurate Memory Size

This error can happen when the script or plugin exceed the default size of the memory. The common indication of this error is the white screen of death. Never go for cheap hosting services as you will get the default memory which is enough to handle the hefty plugins.

Common Solutions

Increase the PHP Memory Size

Whenever you face such a problem concerning WordPress, you can increase the PHP memory unit.

Deactivate Plugins

In such a situation, you first need to connect to the dashboard through the file manager or the FTP and deactivate all the plugins. There are certain plugins that can cause this problem. Refresh the site and check whether the error is gone or not. If the error is gone, reactivate the plugins one by one and check which particular plugin is occupying more space.

Timed Out Connection

This error particularly happens in the shared hosting environment. It happens when the server which is once shared is overloaded and interprets the connection with the site. This also means that your server is going through heavy usage and cannot follow the request process. The solutions for this are quite similar to other problems.

Common Solutions

Increase the PHP Memory Size

You can follow the above-given step to increase the size of the memory.

Deactivate Plugins

If you find any plugin which can cause the error, deactivate the plugins and then refresh the site.

Login Page Refresh

This error mostly comes when you try to log in to the WordPress account and it redirects you to the login page more than once. This issue might come from a .htaccess file or inappropriate value in the URL. The simple solution is to delete the .htaaccess file and cookies on the computer. Deactivate the plugins through FTP. You can perform all the above solutions until you get the desired result.

403 Forbidden Error

Anyone who gets this error either gets frustrated or annoyed. This error is mostly seen when access to a specific page is not allowed. It can also be the outcome of poor security plugin.

Common Solutions

Start with the deactivation of the plugins. Once the deactivation is done then fix the corrupt .htaccess file. Connect the file with FTP. Relocate the .htaccess file in the root folder. Download the file on your computer and delete it from the server.

Enable Index.Php:

These options are mostly for WordPress users who have their blogs hosted on the server. This error might be coming from the directory indexes. Directly visit the indexes and add index.php to the directory indexes.

Contact Hosting Provider

If you have already tried many ways to fix this problem. Then, it is high time to contact your hosting provider. They can help you to change the file permissions.


This is a basic WordPress error that usually happens when you use code snippets to the functions.php file. This message means that there are some errors that are required to get corrected.

Common Solutions

The browser shows up the exact file with the issue and also the line where the parsing error has occurred. Combine the site through FTP and then eliminate the line of code.

Maintenance Mode

This error is a result of an unfinished WordPress update. WordPress puts the site in the preservation mode if the update is discontinued. When such a disturbance happens, you can be locked out of the dashboard.

Common Solution

Delete the Maintenance File

First, connect to the site and delete the .maintenance file in the root directory. If this function is once done, the site can come back to normal. You have to click on the hidden file option to access the file.

No More WordPress Queries

There are many instances where you get overwhelmed by the WordPress queries. In the initial phase of any query, know about the entire situation. Do the things which come into your mind. In some errors, you can get the solution by either increasing the PHP memory limit or deactivating the plugins and attached new ones. Fixing any of the corrupt files can also be beneficial for many WordPress solutions. We hope the above Q & A session helps you in resolving all your concerns related to WordPress and take your development to the next level of success. If you have practiced all the tactics and are still not getting a reliable input, you can take assistance from the WordPress development company in the USA.

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