7 Proven Tips to Speed up Your Android App Development

7 Proven Tips to Speed up Your Android App Development

The modern generation is experiencing the best of all technologies. There is every possible application these days that provide the best services for almost everything. From learning languages to any technical terms, there are specific applications for them. It will quickly help you to learn things you dream of learning without any assistance. With the customers’ demand, there are thousands of application in the play store that meets the need of them.

Having your application on the first page of the search engines takes a lot more than it seems. Therefore you need to focus on both the designs as well as technical terms to make it possible. Customers always find the best in the play store that will render the best possible services, and if you fail in providing so, there are thousands of others.

Keeping the application very precise is the utmost need and focus of any developer and application owner. From large to small scale business, all has their specific application to meet their customer’s requirement. The application must be rich in design, and it will automatically increase the number of downloads and data usage on it. It means the app developers and app design firms need to be more meticulous in designing and also making the app functional. In doing so, the cost of development of the application will increase.

7 Proven Tips for Speedy Application Development

There is massive competition in the market; if you fail to provide the best, others will do so. In this article, seven proven tips will surely speed up your application development.


Flutter is one of the most demanded functionalities in the cross-platform sector. The Android developers love this function as it helps them work on both Android and iOS platforms at ease. There are few tools such as Flutter that provide power to do on cross-platforms, and therefore the app developers can make an application that will work on both iOS and Android without any glitches.

Developing a single user interface in both the Android and iOS platform is a must for applications. This tool renders Flutter SDK that has made it possible to provide an application to work on these two Operating Systems. Flutter uses the Dart Programming Language for its usability without any crashes or glitches.

If customers find any application with often glitches and crashes, they will uninstall and download some other. It helps in providing all key platforms that distinguish the navigation and scrolling task in an application.

Cross-Platform Development Tools

You already know from the above section of this article that an application developer needs to reduce the amount of production time to reduce the cost of productivity. Cross-Platform Development tools are such a tool that saves time in computing an application and helps target the customers of desired demands. Targeting the audience is very important for any application to enhance its business in all forms.

Nowadays, the application developers and the owners do not leave any stones unturned for others to go a step ahead. If you leave any hole for your competitors to fill up, they will do so and leave you miles behind.

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The minimum viable product helps manage the application so that you need not wait for the ultimate result or the final application. Before launching in the market, you need to test the application in different ways. The MVP renders that benefit to the application developers to test the app and check its potentiality. Through MVP, one can check the core functionality of the application.

Automatic Testing of Application

All apps are well-tested before their initiation, which plays an important role. If there are any potential faults or glitches, the app developer can re-check it at once. Customers tend to uninstall the application if there are any glitches or crashes, as it brings down the morality of using it.

With the automatic test application’s help, the app developers buy time to check the application for days, as it needs rigorous assessment before commencing in the play store.

Use of Third-Party Tools

The internet is full of tools and a framework that helps develop an application in a robust form. As the internet is a whole of unique third-party tools, the app developer is free to use them to enhance graphic design, animation, music, and many more. Specific tools are also available on the web that helps in improving the development process. For writing codes, one can use a uScript prototype to reduce both the time and energy needed for coding.

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Another essential tool that speeds up the Android application is WireFrame. It provides a facility by developing the application in a low-fidelity. During the testing of applications, the developers need to confirm the design by overview. After the outline is ensured, the best strategy, colour combination, and other functionality are set to the application.

If there are any issues regarding the UX, the wireframe will uphold it for on-time correction. Even during the codes’ writing, it showed any issues the wireframe will notify it, therefore saving time.

React Native

It falls under the cross-platform development tools and blends the old application with the JavaScript library React. It will let the developer perform multiple versions by using a single code.


One of the best methods to bring down the development cost is to reduce the development time. The development timing of application is directly proportional to the value of the android app development India. Therefore it is wise to bring down the development time to increase productivity. Through this, both the application developers and customers will be satisfied with the required results. These are some of the proven critical tips that the optimum web developing companies and application developers focus on. With all these tools, they reduce an application’s productivity time and speed it up without any glitches. It also helps the company reduce the cost of production and provides the best working application.


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