Some Prestashop Mobile App Design Tips to Boost E-Store Conversions

Some Prestashop Mobile App Design Tips to Boost E-Store Conversions

Developing a mobile app for an e-commerce store has several substantial benefits. The reason is that these days, people prefer to shop online at their convenience. Moreover, smartphone users prefer shopping apps over websites, which means it can increase sales and conversions for your online store.

Businesses have experienced that eCommerce mobile apps have shown exponential growth over the past years. Adapting to mobile devices is one of the easiest ways to increase sales for your online store.

The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder by Knowband consists of design elements that help the store merchant create a clutter-free layout. The article consists of several useful PrestaShop Mobile App Maker design suggestions that can assist the eCommerce merchant in achieving the conversion objectives.

Few Important Design Factors to Consider While Creating Your Own Prestashop Mobile App

PrestaShop Mobile App

1. Clutter-free User Interface

The Android and iOS apps’ soul resides in their easy-to-use user interface for the customers. The eCommerce merchant must keep an eye on the screen support and app design size while designing the mobile app’s user interface. These two are the most important elements for the eCommerce mobile app’s engaging and responsive user interface. The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator by Knowband ensures that the shopping app is easily adapted to all screen sizes and platforms.

Moreover, the mobile app user interface should be designed in such a way that all the elements are easily accessible. The multiple features of the eCommerce mobile app make it difficult for customers to place an order. So, the customer experience must be enhanced by using well-designed mobile applications.

2. Home Screen Personalization

The home screen is the first thing that customers see after launching the Android and iOS apps. In addition to keeping the app basic and clutter-free, it is important to create a user-friendly layout. The Knowband PrestaShop Android App Builder consists of a drag and drops functionality that makes it easy for the store merchant to create an eye-catching and impressive home screen layout. The store merchant can also change the home screen layout according to different events and occasions without making it cluttered.

3. Sign-Up and Checkout Screen

A lengthy sign-up or login process in mobile apps is never preferred by users. So, it is wise to provide them with a preferable, simple, and speedy login procedure. Social network login (Google and Facebook), OTP, and fingerprint identification are a few of the sign-up choices that allow users to access the eCommerce mobile app with a few clicks.

The same goes for the checkout page. It is essential to have a user-friendly checkout screen that helps customers to complete their orders without any hassle. The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App has a one-step check-out screen that allows users to perform the transaction easily.

4. Enhanced Product Visuals

Each item in the Android and iOS apps must be shown attractively and efficiently. The picture quality of the product must be up to par and all the elements should be easily accessible. The module makes sure products are easily available to the customers. The visible “Add to Cart” button keeps the returning customers engaged with the shopping cart screen.

The Mobile App for PrestaShop loads the products quickly, even on a slow or sluggish internet network. If the products take a long time to load, then the customer can abandon the shopping cart out of frustration.

5. Rich Color Schemes

The choice of mobile app colors and fonts says a lot about the brand. Choosing colors and fonts that complement your online store is a wise strategy. The store merchant needs to ensure that the eCommerce mobile app colors don’t have any effect on the product’s visibility.

Moreover, you shouldn’t use vibrant colors in your Android and iOS apps, and you should maintain a good contrast between the theme and background color. The PrestaShop iOS App Maker by Knowband allows the store merchant to select the color and fonts of the mobile app according to the store’s requirements.

6. Thumb-Acceptable Zone

Mobile app users can be left-handed or right-handed, so it can be a great strategy to add a thumb-friendly zone to the app’s screen. The Mobile App for PrestaShop improves the usability for both types of users, which also helps in boosting your store’s conversion rate.

7. Effective Filters and Sorts

Product filters and sorting are important since they assist customers in locating the appropriate item in the shopping app. The filtering choices of the eCommerce mobile app can be both general and specific depending on the price, size, and other factors of the products. If an online shopper wants to browse the lowest to highest priced items on your app, he or she can simply use the sort option. Moreover, the PrestaShop Mobile App enhances the shopping experience of customers by making the desired product easily available to them.

In Conclusion

You must have realized by now that mobile app design also plays an important role in boosting the eCommerce store’s conversion. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder by Knowband helps the store merchant evaluate and select an eCommerce mobile app solution for your online store that offers users a streamlined and personal buying experience. So, keep the above-mentioned points in mind while building your app, and perhaps it will be a shining star in your app store. You can use our assistance in creating a clutter-free user interface by just connecting us at

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