The Fundamental Reasons for Building an OpenCart PWA Mobile App

The Fundamental Reasons for Building an OpenCart PWA Mobile App

Mobile apps are created to provide a more seamless user experience for customers. It is also used to simplify communication between customers and store admin. Additionally, the store merchant admin can update the app content regularly and notify the user as per requirement. The admins can send the push notification to the customer even if the shopping app is not open. The only thing required by the customer is to enable the push notification on their hand-held devices.

Furthermore, E-Commerce mobile apps typically do not have a continual internet connection. The Knowband, OpenCart PWA App Builder allows the cache to be stored on the user device. Additionally, the OpenCart PWA App Maker stores cache files and data, making the majority of the app’s content accessible offline.

What Advantages Does OpenCart PWA App Creator Offer?

An increasing number of online businesses have already taken advantage of the OpenCart PWA Mobile App’s extensive potential. The module allows the store merchant to provide an engaging user experience, and boost user engagement, and conversion rates. Moreover, the progressive web app saves time and money compared to independently developing apps for iOS and Android.

The Knowband OpenCart Progressive Web App offers several benefits to online businesses, including:

Boost In SEO

The OpenCart eCommerce PWA App content is displayed on search engine result pages and it helps the eCommerce store achieve good SEO results. Moreover, it takes important parameters like security and fast loading speed into consideration, which helps in boosting the store’s ranking on SERP. The marketer can use different tools to see how the progressive web app performs in the search results. The content needs to be original and updated regularly to be at the top of the SERP pages.

Enhanced Page Speed

The goal of the eCommerce marketer is to create a shopping app that loads quickly and provides a seamless shopping experience for customers. But many eCommerce mobile apps slow down over time because of the piled-up features and their effects on the user interface.

The Knowband OpenCart PWA App Builder allows the eCommerce merchant to turn the app into a speed demon. The fast loading speed will provide you with a significant advantage over your competitors. The progressive web app makes sure that you are getting all the benefits of caching services, which prevents the PWA mobile app from slowing down.

Minimal Storage Usage

There is competition for space on handheld devices, and it is getting harder for native apps to establish a presence in users’ lives. The PWA for OpenCart takes less storage space on the user’s device than native apps, which is sometimes a user’s top priority. Additionally, the user doesn’t have to access any third-party app to download and install the progressive web app on their devices.

Offline Mode

The Knowband OpenCart PWA Mobile App can easily operate offline or on unstable networks. Users don’t need to have a good internet connection to access the progressive web apps’ core features and data because built-in service workers immediately enable offline use. The shopping app displays the pre-loaded screen if the user attempts to access the app when offline.

Separate from App Stores

The OpenCart Progressive Web App is discoverable via search engines and your online store’s website. As a result, eCommerce merchants are no longer reliant on Google Play and Apple App Store.


This article explains all the fundamental reasons and benefits of launching the progressive web app for your eCommerce website. You can do a lot more with the OpenCart PWA mobile app by using its features and capabilities. If you want to explore more features, then connect with us at

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