Benefits Of A Cloud-based Attendance Management System

Benefits Of A Cloud-based Attendance Management System

It is an era of smart devices, the evolution of technology has new methods that are more efficient in every, including security. Businesses are growing, and contribution of the young generation has improvised, they have surrounded by smart devices all along with their life, fitting them in a management system that is using traditional or conversational system seem to be less preferable. The conventional system where great stop gap back then, but today they have more cons than pros. Businesses are evolving awareness of competition is arising at a fast pace, everyone is giving a tough competition in their respective domains to create their unique recognition. The advanced system is available today that are capable of handling a large amount of data along with numerous benefits. Particularly attendance, it is one of the most concerned modules in the company as the employee’s punctuality increases their contribution to the company’s growth and upscaling. Conventional methods of attendance capturing have many hurdles in capturing the accurate as well as real-time attendance of the employees, to eliminate those hurdles the company needs to adopt an HR software that is facilitated with advanced features and functionalities that are benefited with various evolve and advanced technologies. Could Attendance management modules be one such comprehensive functionality of the software that enables the manager to capture the employee’s attendance in various varied scenarios which will provide the following benefits?

Real-Time Attendance

Attendance capturing has always been troublesome especially in the conventional system, some of the very naive factors like handwriting affected the accuracy of the captured attendance along with the vulnerability of the time theft, an unnecessary evil of the company’s expense. In such a scenario, a digitized Attendance Management System that is facilitated with cloud technology is like a boon to the company, it relieves the manager from all the attendance management issues. The cloud-based attendance management system can be integrated with the biometric devices that capture accurate data of the employee and is time theft proof. the real-time data of the on-field employees can be captured by using the GPS of their mobile devices that would enable the attendance system to fetch the accurate location of the employee, the manager aware of all the employees’ route and locations traveled. the employees can use their mobile phones to punch their attendance instead of using biometric devices when on-premise or in any of the scattered office of the company to ensure the manager of their presence along with the clients’ offices.

Integrated Payroll

Integration is one of the advanced features of the cloud-based human resource management system. It eliminates the manual linking of data, the error in the modules that are to be linked with payroll modules will induce the error in the salary that is calculated using that data. On recognizing the error, the manager is left with no choice but to reprocess the data after correcting the error. More than 10 hours of the managers time is consumed in the processing of payroll and also the additional hours of reprocessing, most of this time can be eliminated by using system that features integration as it automated the process of data linking. the data in the individual modules are accurate as they are fetched from the devices; further, the accurate data is automatically linked with the payroll modules, the salary calculated is accurate, on time and time consumption is reduced. The software also features auto compliance as the data is centrally stored that is accessible from anywhere at any time. The vendor keeps the compliance regulation of the software updated, managers do not have to keep a check on compliance.

Instant updation of schedules and attendance

The absenteeism of the employees is unpredictable, and its reasons are varied, some such reasons are employee disengagement and poor management. The conventional system has not medium to inform the employee about the change in schedules and shift. Which can be frustrating at times, but the cloud bases attendance management system empowers the manager to modify the schedules and shift easily. The system is fed with employees mail and contact number, it notifies the concerned employees instantly of the change. the transparency in the system is highly increased and the accessibility of the data by the employee with keeps them satisfied in working with the company.

The reduction of the repetitive administrative task will also help them to contribute more to the productive task.

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