How to Crack Low Stakes Online Poker Tournaments: Beginner Tips

How to Crack Low Stakes Online Poker Tournaments: Beginner Tips

If you have just begun your real money journey in online poker, we believe you are planning to test your skills by partaking in online poker tournaments and kick start your poker career. However, poker tournaments are a huge step up where you witness hordes of players applying different strategies making the game unpredictable and overwhelming and as a result, hard for you to crack them.

Nailing online poker tournaments at the start of your poker run requires adopting few strategies of your own and being very careful and observant of your opponent’s game. In this blog, we shall talk about a few set of strategies that can elevate your game and help you reach the winner’s circle.

Let’s begin.

Mind these Tips in Online Poker Tournaments

Low stakes online poker tournaments might sound fun but can be frustrating if you don’t know how to compete and crack your opponent’s game. Plus, there will be a lot of beginners in the game and plenty of variation where some intermediate players swoop in to steal your money with their ace gameplay.

So, let’s try to beat them by mindfully applying these following strategies.

1. Bet Aggressively with Your Good Hands

When you are blessed with a good pair of hands, always bet aggressively where you can go up to 3x-4x. The aim here is to gain control of the pot. Most players with a weak or mediocre hand will fold and even if there are those who decide to continue pre-flop, they will most likely limp or call and you still have the betting lead which makes it a lot easier to claim the pot.

2. Identify the Fish in the Game

Low stakes online poker tournaments often see a huge pool of weak players who are worse than you. Again, these are players who will play passive by just limping to stay in the hand hoping to hit something by the turn or the river. Take this element to your advantage and identify them, steal their blinds and continue to bet as much you can.

There are also several poker tools you can use to spot the fishes in a table and max your winnings even in low stakes poker tournaments. These poker tools can help you study your opponents, track your own game and find leaks so that you can fix them right away.

3. Value Bet Your Hands to the Max

This is a very useful strategy you can effectively use in low stakes online poker tournaments. As there will be many weak players who will continue to call even with an Ace High or a bottom pair, you can value bet them to the max even with a middle pair.

However, observe your opponents closely because there are chances sometimes where you might be up against some coolers (someone with an even stronger hand than yours) but they are playing it cool and consequently, you might end up value betting for them!

4. Mind Your Bankroll

A very crucial tip that all poker players should commit to their memories no matter which stage of poker journey you are at is to play within your bankroll. Bankroll is essentially the money you set aside to play a particular poker game or tournament. There will be both good days and bad days in a game.

Make it a thumb rule to play within your bankroll and not put it in more money than you planned and end up being broke in a single session! Remember, this is not the last game on earth. There will always be another one where you can make up for your losses.

5. Defend Your Blinds

An important strategy to apply in online poker tournaments is to defend your blinds. Being in the Blinds positions is special as it gives you better pot odds to call in respect to other positions. You are the last position to act on the pre-flop and as such, you can comfortably call with a wider range of hands. For example, hands like K,8 and Q,10 become more playable.

However, you should consider few factors on how to defend your blinds in online poker tournaments correctly and in which situations. When someone already raises, play tight and only call with decent hands that go well in multi way pots. The higher the raise, the tighter you should play. If you got a short stack, play only with strong hands.

PokerBaazi (PB) Launches Baazi Grinders Series 50LAC+ GTD

A renowned online poker portal of India, PokerBaazi launches its latest edition of Baazi Grinders Series 50LAC+ GTD for low stakes online poker players. This month of May, the guarantees are spiked and the stakes stoop as low as INR 50!

Here are the highlights of the BGS 50LAC+GTD.

  1. A monster guarantee online poker tournament series aimed to benefit low stakes players and those who have just begun their online poker run.
  2. Tons of opportunities spread across a whole week (18th-24th May) with buy-ins as low as INR 50 and 100 making it a great platform to build your bankroll from scratch.
  3. Five tournaments featuring different prize pools each day of the week between 3PM-10PM.
  4. Additional Leaderboard Rewards of INR 3.5LAC are given away to top 10 positioners.

The portal is expected to launch more such online poker series in the coming months. Stay tuned to their promotions and tournament details on

Wrapping up

Opportunities like these are surely the perfect platform to apply the strategies we discussed today. It is time to expose yourself to the real money world of online poker with these slick tricks up your sleeve. Indian poker platforms are evidently offering some great tournaments to welcome and motivate the emerging poker community and promote poker as a skill game. So, go hit the felts and start winning in online poker!

May the Flop be With You!

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