Best Ways To Laying Ceramic Tile
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Best Ways To Laying Ceramic Tile

Best Ways To Laying Ceramic Tile

How to Laying Ceramic Tile: Today, ceramic tiles are recognized as one of the best materials for wall and floor tiles covering. This conclusion is based on a combination of all its advantages and capabilities. The versatility of ceramic tiles is explained by a wide variety of tile shapes, sizes, patterns, textures and colors.

Furthermore, tiles can be laid on surfaces in many different ways. There are many such options. Therefore, even the most common ceramic tiles can be installed in such a way that the walls or floors have a very unusual and attractive appearance at a low cost.

Basic Patterns For Laying Ceramic Tiles.

All tile laying methods can be roughly divided into three types:

  • floor covering with tiles of the same format
  • the use of elements of two different sizes
  • creation of a complex and unusual pattern using elements of three (or more) different sizes.

It is worth noting that for each of these installation methods you can use elements that differ in color shades, that have different textures, as well as that are made of different materials, such as glass or ceramic. Such a combination of elements during the floor can create more original and effective tile coverings.

It is difficult to count all the possible options for facing surfaces with ceramic tiles. Some manufacturers offer their customers, along with a set of mosaics, schemes developed by designers, according to which the elements can be laid out. However, this is not a rule, and each person can develop a personal drawing and capture it in their home. The combination of tiles of different sizes in itself is able to turn a banal design into something unique and original.

Most Popular Ceramic Tile Designs

Using even the most affordable and simple ceramic tiles, you can add a special charm even to an ordinary interior.

A Timeless Classic Ceramic Tile Laying In Two Sizes

In this case, the larger and lighter tiles are most often used as the background, and the dark and smaller elements are used for the inserts. Also, inserts made of different materials, different colors and textures look very original. This type of layout is ideal for uneven surfaces, as well as for large rooms.

The Effect Of Typesetting Modules

For this method, you need to choose two types of tiles: rectangular and square. In this case, the square element is the central one, on each side of which tiles of the second size are laid. The width of the elements must be the same and the length of the rectangular elements must be twice the length of the squares.

A Combination Of Its Three Elements In Different Formats

By using two square elements and one rectangular one, a very nice effect can be achieved. This type of “puzzle” will never get boring and will look good from both sides. The rectangular tile should be twice as long as the smallest square, and the largest square should be four times smaller.

Weave Pattern

This laying method is considered the most advantageous as long as tiles of two different contrasting shades are used. A square tile must be exactly half the width of a rectangular tile in area. The texture and material of the items may vary.

Herringbone Pattern

Most often, this method is used for laying rectangular porcelain stoneware. This pattern looks more impressive in large rooms. The narrower elements create an interesting pattern. This installation method requires precision and dexterity.

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