Are these top Prestashop Shipping Addons on Your Must-have List?

Are these top Prestashop Shipping Addons on Your Must-have List?

So, yes, we will be talking about the top Prestashop shipping addons that should be there on your list. However, let us not start it right away. In fact, ponder on the working of these top Prestashop shipping addons. For instance, which addons are we talking about? Further, how do these top Prestashop shipping addons work?

In this blog, we will answer these questions first. Then, discuss the top Prestashop shipping addons that Knowband provides.

Which top Prestashop shipping addons are we going to talk about?

Knowband brings forth numerous shipping plugins for eCommerce marketers. However, there are these top Prestashop shipping modules. They are:

  1. First, Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode Addon
  2. Second, Prestashop Free Shipping Addon
  3. Third, Prestashop Shipping Timer
  4. Well, as I mentioned, there are others as well. However, we’ll focus on these top Prestashop shipping addons here.

How do these top Prestashop shipping addons work?

Well, to be short, all these top Prestashop shipping add-ons help the admin in providing better shipping deliveries. In fact, they might be clubbed under the same category, these top Prestashop shipping add-ons are absolutely different from each other. Furthermore, their working is different and so are their benefits. You will see that when we talk about them individually.

Now, let us take a look at them below.

Product availability check by zipcode Prestashop addon

It is very disheartening to see your potential customers exit the store without buying,. Isn’t it? Well, one of the reasons for their exit is the unavailability of products in their area. Thus, help elevate your customer’s satisfaction with the . The Prestashop Availability check by zipcode by Knowband allows them to do just this. Further, they can simply input their zip code in the checkbox to see if the products are eligible in their location.

Prestashop Free Shipping Manager Addon

Every shopper loves free shipping. In fact, so much so that they can abandon the cart if they; recharged for shipping. Thus, the marketers understand the value of free shipping for customers. Further, if you want to give free shipping to your customers, the Prestashop Free Shipping by Zone Addon is here. No, it does not simply allow you to give free shipping. In fact, it helps you set the rules in order to provide free shipping. For instance, set a cart value to get free shipping, order within this time frame to get free shipping, and more. Thus, this is what the Prestashop Free Shipping Manager is all about. In fact, you can simply choose to turn off the functionality of the Prestashop Free Shipping Addon as well.

Prestashop Countdown Timer Addon

Just like the last plugin’s introduction, customers also love it when their product ships faster. Thus, you can give one-day shipping to your customers with the Prestashop Shipping Timer plugin. By showing the countdown clock, the Prestashop one-day delivery module creates a sense of urgency in the minds of the customer. In fact, consumers have the option of one-day delivery if they buy only within the specified time frame.

In the End

Thus, these are the top Prestashop shipping addons by Knowband you should have in your store. What do you think of these? Let us know which one are you interested in at

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