How is the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon a Beneficial Choice?

How is the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon a Beneficial Choice?

The Prestashop abandoned cart addon provides a simple interface for store administrators. Further, to track abandoned carts on their website. In fact, the admin may use this plugin to keep an eye on visitor behavior. Moreover, convert them into customers by regular email follow-ups. The administrator of an eCommerce shop may surely examine the carts of guests to the store. Additionally, business owners can give them email notifications using the Prestashop Abandoned cart module.

The Prestashop Email Follow up module makes it easier for merchants to reduce cart abandonment. It also improves the site’s overall conversion rate. The Prestashop Abandoned cart email follow-up addon is GDPR compatible. In fact, it also has a variety of functions.

In this blog, we will take a look at the benefits of the Knowband’s Prestashop module for your eCommerce business. Let us go forth and check them out.

How is Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon beneficial for your store?

  1. Recognize how visitors behave

The Prestashop Abandoned cart recovery email addon examines the shopping habits of visitors. This plugin also keeps track of pending carts, which helps business owners better understand their customer’s buying preferences and needs. Additionally, this aids business owners in effectively marketing their items.

  1. Recovers sales that you lose

Store merchants may use Prestashop Email Follow up addon to track down and recover lost purchases. How? By sending discount or non-discount follow-up emails to cart abandoners.

  1. Conversions increase 

By lowering the high cart abandonment rate, the Prestashop Cart Abandoned Addon helps to increase conversions. As a result, your eCommerce online business’s revenues will improve. As a result, store owners should use this module.

  1. Send automatic emails to customers as reminders

With the Prestashop Reduce Cart Abandonment addon, store merchants can automatically send discounted reminder emails. Furthermore, after a specified interval for relevant emails.

  1. Template for a pop-up window

Prestashop Cart Abandoned Addon allows store sellers to create and alter as many reminder popup types as they like. The content of the popup is customizable by the PrestaShop administrator to meet the demands of their website.

  1. The variety of layouts for reminders

PrestaShop admins may choose from a variety of ready-made discount and non-discount themes with the Prestashop abandoned cart reminder. These templates are customizable to meet specific company needs.

  1. The plugin helps monitor abandoned cart analytics

In the form of diagrams and pie charts, the Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder delivers precise cart statistics. The admin may quickly compare the total Abandoned Carts versus Converted Carts with the aid of this module. Aside from that, the backend can track abandoned vs converted amounts, and so on.

  1. Track abandoned carts as well as converted carts

At eCommerce shops, the Prestashop plugin gives a list view for both total abandoned and converted carts. Furthermore, by using filters, shop administrators may quickly track the abandoned carts of visitors to your websites and registered customers.

  1. Test mode

Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon has a test mode feature that allows you to configure an email ID for testing reasons. This email is also used to test follow-up cart abandonment emails.

  1. Compatibility features

Knowband’s Prestashop Cart Abandoned addon has an essential feature. Further, it is compatible with all Prestashop templates. Second, it provides multi-lingual support for shop administrators as well as multi-store compatibility.

  1. Mobile responsiveness 

Cart reminder emails sent by the Prestashop addon perform flawlessly on a broad range of mobile and tablet devices. Mobile phones and tablets, for example.

In the End

Therefore, now you know what the plugin benefits include. Further, you can easily customize the emails from the backend and send them. Moreover, the module by Knowband is a great way to reduce the abandoned cart rate. In fact, it helps you grow sales and revenues as well. What do you think of the module? Do let us know your thoughts and doubts at

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