The OpenCart Gift Card Extension Helps You Increase Sales and Revenues
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The OpenCart Gift Card Extension Helps You Increase Sales and Revenues

The OpenCart Gift Card Extension Helps You Increase Sales and Revenues

Offer gift cards on your store with Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card extension. Further, to increase sales and get new consumers for your online company. For instance, birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more. In fact, all other important holidays and events cover-up in the OpenCart gift card system module.

By using the OpenCart send gift card extension to offer gift cards, you can quickly raise brand recognition. Further, expand your business’s reach. The OpenCart gift module not only helps you increase revenue. In addition, also assists you in attracting new clients to your company. The OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin setup and settings are simple. In fact, it happens without changing any of the website’s fundamental files. The OpenCart gift card module adds a gift card icon to the site’s header, left side, and footer.

This blog talks about the OpenCart gift card manager extension by Knowband. In addition, how the OpenCart gift cards module can help your business grow.

Merits of the Gift Card Module for OpenCart

Boost your company’s revenues

Gift cards are a terrific way to boost your company’s sales. Further, especially during the holiday season. In fact, you may allow your consumer to order gift cards for their loved ones. Moreover, deliver them by email with the OpenCart gift card extension.

Obtain new clients

With the OpenCart Gift Card plugin from Knowband, you can widen the scope of your online company and attract new clients.

Expand your business’s reach

The OpenCart Send Gift Card extension aids in the promotion of your company’s brand and the acquisition of new consumers.

Encourages you to purchase more

The OpenCart Gift Card Manager by Knowband improves the experience of the providers. In addition, also of recipients of the gift vouchers. How? By encouraging them to purchase more out of the online store based on the value of the gift card.

Assists in consumer retention

The OpenCart Gift Card system lets the gift card buyer and receiver feel unique. It improves their experience for the consumer and keeps them coming back for more.

Major features of the OpenCart Gift Card Manager

1. Add a section for gift cards

A gift card component is there in the extension. Further, which is accessible by clicking the gift card button. In fact, the gift card widget adds to the website’s header, left side, and footer. Thus, this button may be simply enabled or disabled by the administrator from any location.

2. Option to include a personal message

You may provide your clients with the alternative of writing a unique note for the gift card recipient in addition to gift vouchers.

3. Email templates that can be customized

From the OpenCart gift card system module back end, you can quickly edit the notification email template. Further, the administrator can customize the text and headline of the emails. Thus, he can customize the mails to meet the businesses’ demands.

4. Inventory should be ordered

The ‘Gift Card Order’ page in the back-end of the OpenCart gift card extension displays and checks all orders received via gift cards.

5. Installation and configuration are simple

The OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin may be installed without requiring any coding knowledge. It does not necessitate any changes to your website’s primary code.

6. Personalize your photos

The business owner may build new gift card templates with Knowband’s OpenCart Gift Card plugin by uploading fresh customized photos. Customers may also upload unique photographs to gift cards from the front end using the OpenCart gift module.

7. Activate or deactivate the extension

With a simple click from the admin page, the plugin can activate or is removable at any moment.

In the End

The OpenCart Gift Card Extension by Knowband is a stunning option for your eCommerce business. In fact, you can easily grow your business with it. Contact us at for all problems.

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